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Friday, August 26, 2016

not for me

Not for me...

Boring, tedious, I did it because I wanted to try it.  My 45 by 45 list.  Reading poetry is what I am talking about. I gave it my all honestly.  I picked a short book so that I could concentrate  "The Selected Poems of Federico Garcia Lorca" a Spanish poet, playwright and theater director. I even was lucky enough to find one that had been translated, I had the English version and the Spanish version right on the same book.  I thought this would make it easier.  I took the book along with me to soccer practice and while we waited for Sophie.  I renewed it twice to have enough time.  I read and read, and when I lost my place in the book  I couldn't find my place back...that's how sad it was.  I went back to read over and over. I read the whole book and didn't understand a thing.  Maybe it was the poetry style? maybe was my mindset? Reading this book was so vague to me.   I did not enjoy reading poetry.  Why instead of saying things straight they give it that little twist?, that little twist that won't let me understand what they are trying to say. sigh.

I did manage to understand a little tiny poem


The moon goes over the water,
How tranquil the sky is!
She goes scything slowly
the old shimmer from the river;
meanwhile a young frog 
takes her for a little mirror.

I know you have to experiment things to find out if you like them.  So, no.  Now I can say I read a poetry book and it's not for me.  One more thing crossed of my list.


  1. Congrats on crossing another item off the list! Poetry is difficult to read. I can't read it either however I enjoy it in when used in movies. I guess "seeing" it helps in understanding the words collectively. Then it sounds beautiful!

  2. ha! well not all poetry is the same, but I can completely understand why it isn't for you! there are some poems I enjoy, and some where I just don't get where it is going! LOVE that you have a list, and that you are working through it! keep going


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