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Monday, August 1, 2016

the good the bad and the weekend

I am tired of this heat...puff  I want some clouds already!!

On Tuesday I went to urgent care as I had an urinary tract infection and had had the symptoms for five days already,.  If you've ever had one you know what kind of ouch I am talking about :(

I giggled every time I go to the doctor's and they give me my health summary and current conditions "Female Infertility, Female Infertility due to Age  and Infertility due to Male Factor" well I have proof that science and doctors get it wrong once in awhile! ah Emma?? :)

Talking about Emma...right before one of Xavi's games he couldn't find his shin guards. None of us couldn't find them so we had to stop and shop for some new ones right before the game!  That was stressing.  Xavi blamed Emma for hiding them.  I don't doubt it that as she gets into everything nowadays! :/

I finally am driving my good old Tundra again.  I missed you baby! :)

Coming back from a soccer match yesterday we saw an accident that had just happened.  It was sad seeing the scene maybe 4 or 5 cars involved.  Hard to figure it out because all the wreckage and debris all over the place. But the most devastating part it was seeing the body of a little girl maybe 4 or five years old lying on the sidewalk, it seemed like she had been in one of the cars and had been taken out of it .  Her little backpack, toys coloring books all scattered in the middle of the street.  After we passed by the scene all of us were just silent no words came out of us... We were just thinking and hoping the little girls would be ok :(  
It makes me so mad that jerks drive so fast carelessly without any concern or worry about other drivers. If they want to kill themselves why don't they just drive off a cliff without putting other lives in danger!! (◣_◢)
I couldn't imagine what the parents were feeling at the time.  
This is what I would tell all of those jerks! STOP!!!

I hope this week goes well for all of us!

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  1. That accident sounds horrible! I always worry about other drivers around me. Some are just so reckless putting everyone else in danger. I hope the little girl is ok. It is amazing what the emergency teams can do these days.

    Luckily I have never had a painful UTI. I do get mild ones though that are diagnosed when I have to pee in a cup! Typically I just pee a lot but don't require medication since it doesn't hurt. I hope yours is all gone now.

    Emma loves to have fun for the camera, doesn't she? So cute!


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