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Monday, July 25, 2016

the good the bad and the weekend

Somebody give Summer a ticket!  it's certainly going too fast!!  two weeks from today my kids will start school.  They are excited and ready.  Here are the newest good and bads:

Xavi shined like a new penny with his new team uniform he is number nine and that number is one of my favorite numbers. He was looking sharp my boy :)

Emma is having fun at Xavi's games and practices running around at the park and sharing chips and cookies with the other girls Emma is the youngest of all of them :  Well in reality the girls share with her as Emma rather eat what they have instead of what I bring for her :/

While talking to the kids I mention the word "groove"  well apparently that's a no no nowadays :(

Talking about urban dictionary instead of saying what's going on? you say what's poppin'? : /

Sophia let me use her laptop to edit some pictures I was working on as the desktop is very slow. 
Once I was finished I told her she could trash them "okay" she said 
"I will send it to my hopes and dreams that's how I named my trash can..."
Ahhh Sophie stop being so melodramatic! :/

Yesterday was our seventeen year anniversary, we did nothing special at all.  Xavi had a game.  Javier remembered sometime in the middle of the month that July is our anniversary.  I don't know how to label this one happy face, sad face or squiggly face... at least he remembers the month is July. 
Oh that husband of mine!

This is nothing to brag or show off but last week we got up early and drove around the streets to find a homeless person.  There were lots of homeless. We found a woman in need, bad shape physically we went to McDonald's bought a breakfast Deluxe and an orange juice.  Drove back to where she was at and delivered the breakfast plate, she was very thankful. :)

Sometimes the kids or us adults complain about the things we do not have or wish we had more but we forget to give thanks for the things we do have.  There is real need out there.  I am glad my kids got to see it first hand and hope that one day out of their own hearts they have compassion and help those in need. So with this I cross off  item 29 on my 45 by 45 list.

And also last week I mentioned about the talk I had with my brother about investing and he told me to at least open  my investing account and I did last monday!  He also mention that I have to pay myself...that's something that I've never thought about.  Now I plan to save 10% of my shop profits and once I save some money I will start investing and since I wanna feel accomplished on my list because 45 is coming soon I will cross off another item yeah??

As far as the weekend, it was spent helping Valeria move in with a friend of hers.  Both girls rented their own apartment and both are full time college students and have two jobs each!  I remember when I had two jobs back in the day!!
This is how I felt about the anniversary thing!  

I hope you have a nice smooth week and buckle up in case the road is bumpy!


  1. Happy anniversary Claudia! I use the word groove too. LOL

    It bothers me so much that there are homeless and starving people in the U.S. Particularly that 1 in 5 children go hungry. I wish our government put emphasis on this. I haven't heard 1 politician mention this recently with the upcoming election. Something is wrong there! Enough venting here.

    Great idea investing a percentage of your profits. It will be fun to watch the market and decide where you want to invest.

    Oh to be Valeria's age again! I loved living on my own at first.

  2. How cute is this pic of Emma! She is so expressive. This is how I feel when my husband (constantly) remembers my birthday ... one day off. sigh. I guess at least he remembers.


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