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Monday, July 18, 2016

the good the bad and the weekend

So I guess I have been too busy doing it all and doing nothing at all.
So here is two weeks worth of good, bad and uglies!

Sophie had a freak accident in her bathroom.  Red nail paint spilled on the floor and on the bathroom wall.  "I can explain how it happened.  I placed the nail polish on top of the tank and it just fell by itself!" she said, oh Sophie, I am sure that's how it happened! :(

Xavi and I have watched Back to the Future I, II and III on Netflix.  
Crazy to watch with him what I watched 30 years ago!  :)

Xavi is into magic tricks again such as pulling a quarter out of an orange
or pulling dental floss out of his ear
anybody need dental floss? :/

I had a nice talk with my brother about investing and buying stocks.  He is now buying uranium stocks and he does it all on his phone.  I thought it would be harder.  Darn I remember that's on my 45 by 45 list.
I need to read an Investing for dummies book real dummies!! :/

We watched the Tiny Houses Episodes on Netflix.  Crazy how those people plan to live in such tiny spaces.  I guess it's doable!!  Now we're into Tiny House builders! :)

Xavi and I learned how to use Javier's compressor to pump gas to my bike's tire.  It took us a little time to figure it out but we managed! Is one of those thing that you always see but never really do it yourself so when it's your turn to do it you're like how do I do this?! :)

I had two pyrex  round containers stuck together and I got so frustrated tying pull them apart.  I googled how to do it. Cool the inner container with iced cool water and heat the outer one with warm water.  They said it might take a while.  Nop it didn't work for me and I was so upset and frustrated that I opted for trowing them in the recycle bin.  I didn't want to run the risk of the glass breaking in my hands and cutting myself.  I was so upset because pyrex containers are not cheap! :(

This past weekend we had my husband's family reunion in Coronado Island
it's always fun to catch up with the family!

this is how I felt when I couldn't separate the glass containers!

 This is how I felt when I had to make the decision to throw them in the recycle bin!

I hope you had a nice weekend and are ready to start a new week.  Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Emma really felt your pain. How frustrating about the Pyrex. They are expensive! You may get lucky if you have a good second hand store nearby. I have noticed quite a few Pyrex pieces in one of our local stores. Tiny Houses is so fun to watch! I could never live like that but I admire those who can. Investing is scary. I use Scottrade and it is way too easy to buy investments! I am not exactly good at it but now own 2 stocks I am happy with. I owned eBay which sold off Paypal so I ended up with equal shares of both and am actually up over 20%. Woohoo!

  2. Emma is SO big! Good to catch up with you and your family. =)

  3. ha! Emma knows how to express herself! I have lots of Pyrex, and yes I have been frustrated with it, and have chipped it, and well you know. Hopefully you were able to get the spilled nail polish up. I had it spilled all over the wood table in the kitchen. I didn't have as much luck ... there is a bit of pink sparkle to my table. sigh


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