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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Lake Hemet

Boy this was a short week!  Today it's our Friday!!  As Javier has Fridays off, we only had a three day workweek.  This is like how I like my weeks short and sweet.

Sophia had been asking to go to the beach.  Beaches near us are 1 1/2 hrs away either west or south Javier was not up to the driving jokingly he asked Sophia "let's stay home and watch beach movies" as he had a rough work week.  We settled for a lake.  A lake close to us that we have never visited before.
Lake Hemet, it has everything you need for a great experience, 
camping, fishing, boating and a water park for kids.

Our plan was not to stay overnight, but just to check the place out since it was our first time there 
like I mentioned before.

We just grabbed some chairs, a couple of coolers with sandwiches and drinks, a battery operated radio, some sunscreen and Javier's coloring book that amazingly he retrieves here and there to use it.  
Honestly we've all asked him to use his book!  Here are some pics I'd like to share.

It was a nice day we spent there!  The weather was wonderful in the 80's 
We did have to move once or twice to hide from the sun.  Sophie and Xavi had fun in the water park.  Emma had a great time helping switching the colors to whoever was coloring. 

Hopefully before the kids start school again we make it again this time to stay overnight! 


  1. The lake looks like a perfect place for family day! It appears everyone enjoyed themselves, especially Emma. :) I loved days like this when I was young.

  2. that looks like the place to be! and such a fun family outing :)


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