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Thursday, November 12, 2015

What She Wore

Well I have been out, not fishing though.  It took five days of eye drops for Xavi's eye to get better soon after Sophie started with cold symptoms and an asthma flare up.  Then after that Emma started with mild cold symptoms as well, she still is coughing a bit but is much better now. 

We took these pictures on the last week of October but I just could not find the time to put the post together let alone publish it :(  Long story short our laptop is dead.  Long gone by now I only have a desktop computer which is very very sloooow and it takes me forever to download pictures :(  time is precious and I really hate it that it takes so long.  Oh well, sigh.

Anyways, for this session we decided to take pictures right in our front porch.  Why not?  it was very convenient.  Xavi didn't know about the What She Wore series so he was like what are you guys up to??  that's why I let him in in a couple of pictures.  Since they were all wearing red for Red Ribbon Week why not get them all together?  So there they all all three of my kiddos in the very last picture.  I feel I have my hands full all the time with them but I know that I am blessed! 

dress:  thrifted
cardigan: forever 21

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Now my friends I hope you have a great rest of the week!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous... and your hands must be so full they feel like they'll drop off sometimes! Hang in there Mama, you won't always be so busy.

    (Psst, what size shoes does Sophie wear?)

  2. Great photos! I love that Xavi wanted to get in the photos. LOL I love your front porch too!

  3. beautiful family you have there! and really enjoying Sophie's "what she wore" series!


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