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Monday, November 2, 2015

not my day...

Last week specifically on Thursday I had a not so good kind of a day.  The planetary alignment wasn't on my side. Thing after thing just happened...at the end of the day after reviewing it I tried to look for positive things in between.  Here is a review of what happened:

Xavi woke up with pink eye.  After 13 years of mothering I know what pink eye looks like and for sure know that the school was going to send him back home.

I called the doctor's and was able to get an early appointment at 9:15 yay!

After dropping Sophie at School I needed gas so we stopped at the gas station and the gas tank door wouldn't open ugggh! old truck :( so there I was 5-7 mins trying to open it asking God to please don't let me break the key because then I really would be stranded!  I really could not drive on low gas. Those 5-7 minutes felt an eternity as I had to drive 35 minutes to get to the doctor's on time! So I called Javier only to complain really because what can the poor man do on the phone for me?  it finally opened!  but the gas was pumping soooo slow or so it seemed to me!

After the gas station ordeal, there I was driving carefully but fast.  We made it to the doctor's barely on time to check in and there was an unbelievable long line to check in.  Oh yeah the self check-in kiosk!! Nope broken! Get in line!  How can the receptionists be so chatty chatty with each and every patient?? 

We finally checked in and Emma started giggling and having a conversation with everyone around her. that was cute!  de-stresser for sure.  We saw the doctor,  Xavi got his eye drops and we were out! 
easy peasy there.

OK we got the rest of the day to relax before we pick up Sophie.  Before the pink eye situation I had planned to go thrifthing that day so now Xavi had to come along.  So there we were Emma was fussing by now Xavi and I were starting to get hungry so things were a bit rushed.  I was able to find a few pieces of clothing for my etsy shop.  Time to go home really!  We stopped for a cheeseburger, that later raised my blood glucose levels :(

When I find pieces of clothing for my shop I always do research on etsy to search for the brand, figure out what people are selling and how much are they selling them for.  Wow what are the chances that I find on etsy a vintage skirt 100% silk identical as the one I bought at the thrift shop earlier? only a smaller size...and they are selling it for $46  As I was full of excitement telling Xavi about my find, he started playing around with it and stepped on it and ripped it!  Well there goes my potential profit :( 

Later I checked and had made an etsy sale that was a good thing right??  it was!! as I was packing my sale I ran out of tape, not good! that meant that the following day I either had to go buy some tape or ask the people at the post office to let me use theirs (luckily I know they are nice) so I choose the second option just to save me a trip to the store the next morning.

When we got back home from picking up Sophie from School I was shaking.  I checked my blood sugar levels and were very low.  So I ate and later refused to check it again in fear that it was too high :/ Can something else top that?
Our day ended at the park at Xavi's soccer practice with nobody being hurt which would have been the ultimate and worst thing!  I had a little time there to lay in the grass and meditate on how the day went. 

(I didn't have my camera with me to take a picture of me meditating 
so that's why I share my bird of paradise with you)

Back to the park, that's when I had to look hard to find the positive little things.  
What did I do wrong? nothing really I guess those kind of days happen right?  


  1. Oh Claudia. I'm sorry it was a bad day! If it is any consolation, we all have them sometimes. :) I hope Xavi's eye is all better! Your bird of paradise of beautiful. I love all its colors.

  2. Oh no, I'm so sorry you had such a rough day, Claudia! I sure know what that feels like, it happens to all of us. I can assure you you did absolutely nothing wrong! The only thing we can do on such days is try to breathe in and out deeply, to smile and not to let it pull us down. I know that's easier said than done. But the only thing that helps is to take time for us to calm down. I hope you sleep well tonight and that tomorrow will be a day full of smiles for you :) I hope Xavi will feel better soon. I'm sending a long and very big hug to you, my sweet friend <3

  3. Sending hugs and hopes that the subsequent days have been, and are, much, much better!

  4. yep. those kind of days happen. they are the ones you want to hit the 'do over' button. but then there is the next day .... and things are better. hope it is a fabulous Friday for you!


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