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Monday, November 16, 2015

Happy post

Yes my friends today is a happy post!  Full of positive things!!

My husband changed the hard drive on this old computer and things run faster and smother! but not without a bit of frustration at first until I figured out how to do things on this 'old new computer' sigh...

Next, after almost two years of job hunting, frustration and disappointments Javier finally landed a job close to home!  No more 1 1/2 hours commute or having to stay down in San Diego a few days during the weekday. I will again have a full time husband that comes home every night!!  Now he can help me with Emma in the evenings, feed the dogs clean their poop of course, he can wake up in the middle of the night when the dogs are barking, take the trash bin out on Tuesdays and bring it back inside on Wednesdays, take Xavi to soccer practice (I will probably tag along on this one still because being at the park is relaxing really) referee Sophie and Xavi when they argue and many more things...welcome home honey we missed you!  But in all truth it's certainly wonderful that he will be at home!

Talking about soccer and practices Xavi's team has won 9 out of 10 games and tied one.  
So next week they are playing semi finals and we are hoping for the best! 

More good news!  I completed one more task on my 45 by 45 list.
Item number 4 which is knit a pair of gloves. 

I wanted to do a trial and was not going to invest a lot of money so I bought a couple of sets of double pointed metallic needles for a few bucks at a thrift shop and used my yarn scraps.

It was a success!  I was able to read the pattern and finish it.  You don't know how afraid I was of decreasing stitches :/  I used two different size needles therefore the two different colors I also was eager to finish the little project and tackle those decreases that I didn't it make it long enough that's why the mitten looks like an elf's hat or something weird I know :/

I learned a few things watching youtube videos:

  • Using double pointed needles is not that hard, it's similar to using a circular needle (which I've used before) you just have to get used to managing 4 needles at a time instead of two.  A bit intimidating at first I must confess.  I saw in a tutorial that using wooden needles instead of metallic ones is better as the stitches will slip off the metallic needles if you aren't careful enough.  Lesson learned 
  • When reading patterns you have to be very  VERY careful. (k stands for knit, p stands for purl and tog stands for together) Because how can you  k2tog p2tog? when the pattern asks you to k2 k2tog then you will end up with 9 stitches instead of 15 what the?? yea read carefully! 
  • It's difficult when you start a project with only a few stitches, then it gets easier as you go by, because the project stretches a bit but by the end of the project if you start decreasing it gets difficult again. 
 But please don't let my word discourage you.   Knitting is fun and very rewarding! 

Here are some pictures for your delight or shall I say mine?

You should know that I  choose Emma because she is a smaller model  and I know what you must be thinking mittens or gloves? but please be easy on me.  I did little mittens :/  Let's just say I am being flexible with my list now.  My main thing was the challenge of reading the pattern as I am a beginner at that, using 4 double pointed needles was also a challenge as I have never used them before and of course finishing the task was another challenge in itself!  Please give me credit for this one.

I took these pictures as soon as I finished the first one.  I just couldn't wait to try it on her and of course and I just couldn't resist to take the pictures then.  A couple of days later I did the second one.
The final result and my little model hair undone are so cute! 
Still on my list I have to knit a hat and some socks ay Claudia!  
I also want to give the gloves a try but I am not putting that one in writing again ha ha ha!

So there you have it!  Too many good things that I had had to share with you all!

Hope you have an excellent week my friends!


  1. All good stuff! I'm happy to hear Javier will now be close to home. That is great news! I love your baby mitten. It looks so cute on Emma!

  2. That is amazing news! So happy for you guys that Javier will be close to home! I can relate to a long, long commute. And congrats on the knitting - Emma is an adorable model!


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