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Friday, May 22, 2015


You've probably wondered where have I been right?  I kid I kid, who cares what I do?  it seems that all I can squeeze lately are 'lately posts' but you should now that I am not the owner of my own time just yet..on with the post:

Baseball season just started and Xavi is a hitter.  This is actually the first time he plays on a team but he is a natural.  I am his mom and of course I have to say things like this right?  It's kinda hard to squeeze practice and games after school but it is worth it.  The hardest is getting out of the house but then fresh air is always nice. We get out of the evening routine for a change.   School is out next week so it will be much easier.
We've been getting rain three weekends in a row, mostly light but it's good.  California land of the eternal drought :/  We're asked to conserve water...pretty soon we will be fined if we have green lawns.  Well you know California is right next to the Ocean so you can't help but wonder why they have not built desalination plants or damns to keep the water from the rain going into the ocean.  But then again I am not a politician and I guess it's all about money right??
Baby girl is 3 months, she is not that fragile anymore.  She had her ears pierced a couple of weeks ago. She cried but I think dad was more upset than her...men don't really understand that beauty hurts.  She is sleeping in long stretches now yay!  She only wakes up one time at night be it 3 or 4 in the morning that is progress wouldn't you say?!  I finally see the light *sight...  Emma likes the outings as well while Xavi is practicing. She enjoys looking at people, trees, birds and stroller rides.  She is a talker, lots of smiles gurgles and coos. She is a happy baby.
I am finally starting to feel like myself again.  My sister gave me a haircut I told her cut it short because if it's long enough so that I can pull it back with a hair band I will and that is the only way I will wear it for sure. Now I get to spring my curls again! I know that soon I will start to shed all the hair that was in resting phase during pregnancy.

I never told you this but I lost all the baby weight (which wasn't much anyways) very quickly.  I was back to my pre pregnancy weight by my six week postpartum appointment.  What worried me is that I kept on losing weight. Emma really used all my fat deposits with all this pumping and breastfeeding.  No more love handles ah!! I tried so hard to get rid of them in the past without success. I haven't weight this since I was in High School, but it is a healthy weight for my height and BMI.  I kinda feel weird because from the heaviest at my pregnancy and now there is a 36 lbs difference!  That is a lot for a tiny gal like me.  I feel I can use a couple of extra pounds but I really want them to go on my behind and thighs and not on my waist :(  I also could benefit from building some muscle and toning my skin because its feels loose.  I know too much information here.  Anyways I feel like my body is a blank canvas right now if you know what I mean.  I can do a lot of work with it!!

Something else on my mind was the diabetes.  I worry too much but sometimes it's a good thing right? Prevention is the key word I believe.  This is something I have to have in mind for the rest of my life. To be honest now I see God's reasoning in sending me a baby when he wanted and not when I wanted  one.  His way of saying Claudia stop and rethink your lifestyle, your food choices and your health in general.   He is telling me to take the right steps to live a healthier lifestyle.  I get it now I have to really I mean REALLY take care of my health. Not to live forever but to raise my kids, see them grow and be healthy for them.

Sophia just told me that her friends from the school in San Diego and her friends from school here have told her that I look tuff  I had to go online and make sure I had the right spelling.  Sophia comes up to me with the urban word of the day!   Looking at the picture I took with Emma I do look 'tuff' don't I?  I just love the way Emma is looking at the timer's red blinking light :)  Excuse the little lady in her pjs and hair undone jaja!!

Hope you have a very nice and relaxed weekend!


  1. Hi Claudia, I'm glad everything is going so well! Emma is incredibly cute. I love her face in that photo with you. :-) That is awesome that you dropped to your pre-pregnancy weight so quickly. Living a healthy lifestyle is so important, not just for yourself but also being a great influence on your family. I laughed at your comment about the water issue in CA. I have numerous issues with the government making things difficult that would make our country a better place! Take care. ~Val

  2. You both look gorgeous and Xavier is such a handsome wee guy, he's going to be a heartbreaker-just like your girls! Your hands are full, we know that, and I'm sure your other blog followers are happy to see you post whenever you can.

    I had to chuckle about the water, although I know it isn't funny. Governments can be, and often are, so stupid.


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