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Friday, May 29, 2015

morning laughs

Hello guys happy Friday to you all! here I am again  with a couple of morning laughs.  I try to humor myself to make things easier :)

We were driving to the mall and Emma starts fuzzing she's probably sleepy I am thinking...the rest of the family asks for the binky.  I don't think I brought it I told them.  What??  everybody freaks out and they voice their concerns, but I mean everybody at the same time...how could you forget it?  baby basics Javier says never forget the binky never!  Oh my! they must think the pacifier is a mute button or something!  I don't blame them I used to be that way when I was a newbie and Sophie was newborn.
Things are different this time :)
I take things more calmly.

It was pajama day last Tuesday at Xavi's school and he was very but very hesitant  about it.  Should he take pajamas or not. May be maybe not , yes or no!?  Sophia gives him some advice:

Xavi when I was a kid It was fun to be mature, but now that I am mature it is fun to be a kid!  
so just enjoy it! 
He did take his pajamas after all :)

Xavi was telling me jokes and he first apologized before telling me this mama joke.  He was so cute when he was telling me "I don't really mean you mom or your mama, or any mom".  So here is the joke:

Your mama is so stupid she made an appointment with Dr Pepper. 

So I said who's Dr Pepper...the soda he answers.  
Duh well maybe I am stupid *sight 

Today is the last day of school  and summer vacation is starting.  Sophia is officially an 8th grader and Xavi goes on to 4th grade!  I made my math and Baby Emma will start kindergarten when Xavi starts High School and Sophia starts College.  Wow what a challenge for me ah!  There has been so much excitement here in the house this week. I am really looking forward to doing so many things and nothing at the same time if you know what I mean.  I have plans to tackle some items on my 45 by 45 bucket list Sophie is ready to hibernate and not getting out of her room but that's not gonna happen ah!

Are you excited for Summer any plans?? This household is!!

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Calmness does come from experience. It must be easier in a lot of ways with Emma. Sophie's advice to Xavi is classic! So true. I hope you get to do some of your bucket list items! Our summer will be fun and relaxing. Jim's parents will be here in a week or so to stay with us for the summer. ;-)

  2. what a sweet pic of Emma! she seems pretty content, so you must be doing many things right :) it is so strange to see my kids just cycle through the years ... my oldest is going into her senior year of HS, and my baby is going in to 8th grade .... both taller than me. sigh.

  3. Emma is such a darling! Ah for the wee baby days again; my baby will be turning 25 in a few weeks...


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