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Tuesday, April 28, 2015



I have been so excited that I found a big pad of 180 scrapbook sheets on clearance!  I had the chance to go thrifting the other day and found a wonderful vintage book for my etsy envelopes...I didn't get many books just the one because I don't want to get overwhelmed I do have a long to do list.
Kids love make pictures of their families and my kids are no exception.  I love saving these they are fun to look at.  Soon after Emma was born Sophia drew her family.  There's dad and mom, there's Valeria, there's Sophia herself and Xavi...where's Emma??  Did you forget about her?!  That was certainly my initial reaction.  Oh wait no, I am holding her...the little tiny thing...well not anymore she's almost doubled her birth weight :/

At the beginning of April my niece turned 3 I remember when she was the newest addition

This was Emma's first Birthday party she attended.  She was certainly delighted in everyone's arms!

Here is my new companion for tire rotation day.  Can you see the difference from party day on April 4th?  she has gained so much weight and is so big now!!
I hope you are having a good week :)


  1. They've all grown, except you... you're the incredible shrinking woman! Look at Emma grow; love those adorable cheeks!

  2. Emma is getting so big! I bet she is having fun with the family. I love Sophia's drawing. She is really talented! That rabbit book must have the sweetest vintage pictures in it. :-) Have a great day Claudia!


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