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Thursday, March 12, 2015

out of the box

Hello my friends I am back in my house full time and out of the box! The box that is what we used to call the tiny apartment were we stayed in San Diego.  The kids are back in their old schools.  I am happy but it is a bittersweet situation I do miss my mom and being spoiled by her.  Javier stayed at his job as there was no job opportunity close to home!  Anyways our goal was accomplished as we stayed together as a family all through the pregnancy and birth of Emma.  
At three weeks old Emma is gaining so much weight and is much more alert that when she was a few days old.  She is a happy and easy baby!  I won't deny we have had rough days and nights :/  I have been sleep deprived and breastfeeding didn't go as planned.  I opted for pumping the milk (just like I did for my other two children)  oh well sometimes you plan things and they don't come out the way you want them to.  But you know what at this point in my life I would not change a thing.  I may look awful but feel so blessed with my baby and I don't want her to grow I wish I could cuddle her day and night!

All thorough the pregnancy I thought long and hard about this little blog of mine.  Would I resume my blogging?  Would I have the time and energy to blog after the baby is born? There were times in the past that I have been very active in blog land but with a new baby there are new routines to get used to.  At times I thought maybe the birth of Emma would be a good time to stop blogging.  Yeah! the birth of a new tiny human being would mark the end of my blogging cycle.  It's not like I have a super interesting life or shall I say pinteresting??  I've said it a few times I only choose to blog about the things that I want to remember like Xavi jumping on my bed and the shots I took of the action or Birthday parties or our morning messiest hair contest... So I decided to keep blogging without commitment, without putting pressure on myself.  I really enjoy this little corner of mine and want Emma to be a part of it.
I closed my etsy shops back in January because it was getting harder and harder to make it to the Post Office on Saturdays and I was nesting there were other things to take care of.  This week I just opened them again and the only obstacle that I see is the trips to the Post Office but I have to get the kids ready for school anyways and my favorite and closest Post Office is open at 8:30 am so I think we can make it work!  Just as blogging trips to the Post Office will be done as time and Emma permits.  My etsy shops and my customers are very important to me they make me feel a business woman but now there are real priorities in my life!
So stay safe and take care of yourselves until next time!


  1. Emma is gorgeous, just like her Momma! Hope the gestational diabetes is resolving itself and yay for seeing your smiling face here.

    You're wise not to pressure yourself. Sending huge hugs!

  2. Jacqueline is right .... Emma is gorgeous! what a sweetie. And you look beautiful - motherhood suites you :) So happy to know that you're not leaving us .... no pressure, just blog when you can and take care of the wonderful new addition to your family

  3. Hi Claudia, You and Emma look beautiful! I'm glad to hear life is getting back to normal in your home with the kids (minus missing mom and hubby of course). I've always felt blogging should be a fun thing that is not forced so I'm happy to hear you will be sticking around. Family always comes first!
    Have a wonderful weekend.


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