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Monday, March 30, 2015

morning laughs

 I am pretty sure know that a new born is very demanding, they depend on you for E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G and yes I meant capital letters there.  We've all have to made adjustments in mi casa lately.  Without a doubt I have resorted to tricks, shortcuts and cheats to make life easier and enjoy the early days with Emma.  During these past 5 weeks I have become best friends with my crock pot and leftovers have been a lifesaver, pizza nights and takeout on the weekends have been very much appreciated by truly yours!  I've left the house to drop off the kids to school in the mornings while plates have been piling up in the sink and trash cans full of well...trash.  I've mastered the fine art of doing things with one hand. Showers have been so quick that I hardly wet the back of my knees :/ and sleep hours have been cut short... too short.  I am surely talking for myself on the sleep topic, as everybody else seems to enjoy their down time).  I've also opted to let some things slip by only to keep my sanity.  I've recruited help from the kids to help around the house and settled with the way they help around.  

I was so glad when I realized Sophia is such a good mamma to Emma even though she says she does not want any kids of her own.  As soon as she hears her squealing she runs to her rescue holds her, tries the binky, tries to calm her down.  She will try everything except change diapers which is very understandable.  On the other hand while I'm in the bathroom and Emma screaming her lungs out! Xavi can be watching TV, playing yoyo very relaxed paying not much attention to her new sister I guess he does not have that maternal instinct.  He is improving little by little though :)

To keep my a sound mind I try looking for the bright side of things.  For today's morning laugh I will tell you what happened last week while in the kitchen. Sophia and Xavi were looking for a before bed snack. The kitchen was clean and I was holding Emma I asked Sophia if she could fix me a slice of bread with peanut butter.  I saw her grabbing a plate and instantly told her no plate I didn't want any more dirty dishes so I told her to use a napkin.  I then asked her if she could serve me some milk 'sure' she said 'would you like it in a napkin as well' she said in a sarcastic way.  I burst out laughing like I haven't done in a long time. 
That's my smarty pants kid.
Excuse me, I was just trying to save some water, time and effort all so that I can enjoy more time with my newborn.
Because holding Emma and doing absolutely nothing means absolutely everything to me.

Hope you week started of good!


  1. It sounds like a fun challenging time! How wonderful that Sophia is using her maternal instincts. She will likely change her mind about having children when she meets her mister right someday. I'm glad the little things in life are making you laugh. That's what it is all about. :) Emma is so precious. Have a wonderful week Claudia!

  2. she looks so sweet and peaceful there! we used to always joke that they we such angels (when they were sleeping, wink) .. LOL But how handy to have older kids to help out around the house! Hope you are enjoying those moments when you can just 'be' with Emma


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