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Friday, May 30, 2014


This is the last day of school for the kids  It has been a busy week, awards assembly, family picnics, book fairs, puzzle and movie days, patriotic program...I gotta remember each one of the events!!

so I really join the kids on the feeling of free at last!!

Time  to brag now  Xavi got two medals! a gold one for his reading scores and another one for perfect attendance plus a certificate!  Hey don't I deserve a medal as well?  After all I made him read all year long and took him to school on time every single day.  I am just kidding of course, the fact is that the best reward of all is seeing him kiss his medals as he received them. 

Last year as we headed for summer I had lots of plans...this time I have none.
I will just plan to wake up and see what the day brings about! Go where the wind takes me! I sound like a hippie ah??  No, not really I do have a family to tend to but I really don't have any plans. 

I will be taking a blogging break during this time and do plan to pop up by your blogs to catch up with you guys. I might also post here and there.

I am not a social butterfly.  Although I am on instagram,  I am not very active on it at the time but might just might take up on it during this time just to stay connected but I repeat just might!  I am not one to take pictures of everything I eat or let the world know that I run out of toilet paper :/

If you are on instagram let me know so that I can follow you and if you'd like to follow me you can do that under the name of moncy3

Enjoy your Summer and see you soon my friends.




  1. Claudia that is great news about Xavi and the two gold medals. You must be super proud. I hope you have a wonderful blogging break and a wonderful summer. I will look you up on Instagram today!

  2. Happy Summer Claudia! Congratulations to Xavi on his well deserved awards! School gets out early there. Jim's son has to go until the June 26. That stinks for the kiddos here!

  3. Congratulations to you and Xavi both, you worked hard to get there!
    Have a wonderful, fun summer and enjoy the time with your family; we'll still be here when you get back.

  4. Congrats Xavi! And hope you have a fantastic summer full of new finds and adventures. Whatever they may be :)

  5. Nice. i am sure your kids are thrilled to be off from school. I love summer vacation.


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