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Monday, May 19, 2014

morning laughs

Being honest here lately Sophia has not contributed much to my morning laughs segment on this little blog of mine...No she hasn't!  In a way I get it she is growing up, her interests are changing, hormones fluctuating, sometimes she is happy and all of a sudden she flips out, her patience is very little specially with her little brother. Yes she does, she takes it out on him... he is her scape goat.  Truth is he can get on people's nerves at times. Most of the time I catch it and of course talk to her about but at times I am sure I don't.  Last week I learned a new word berate, I've never heard it before but with this picture that Xavi drew it made it totally easy to understand the meaning.  I was saddened by looking at it.  
His facial and body expressions says it all and Sophia's tone of voice just kills me.  
They used to play together, and hold hands together while walking.  Good thing he is very forgiving and always telling her how much he loves her and hugs her.  I hope this phase passes soon,  I remind Sophia the first words that came out of her mouth when Xavi was born "Yay I have someone to play with".  
Anyways if you grew up with brothers and sisters you know what this is all about.

But there is hope or so I think a few days ago I was in the kitchen and I overheard Sophia telling Xavi "I love you" What?? I couldn't help it but be surprised!  She noticed my amazement and said  "what?  
I haven't said it in a long time and I felt like saying it"  that's my girl! 

one more thing...on Friday she was trying very hard to open a childproof bottle  "YES, YES!! I'VE PROVED MYSELF...I AM NOT A CHILD ANYMORE!  she yelled frantically once she opened it...
 what was that bottle? ironically her gummie bear vitamins! She is trying so hard to grow up, my dear child.

Should I consider this a contribution to the segment of morning laughs?


  1. I love it when kids think they are all grown up. It makes them so adorable.

  2. This sounds a lot like my oldest niece and nephew. She picks on her little brother but I know she loves him and would always have his back! Yes I think this belongs under morning laughs. They will look back on these times as adults and laugh about it!

  3. This absolutely is a contribution to your segment of morning laughs :)
    I can imagine this phase of hers leaves you wondering what to do and I hope, too, that it'll pass soon. Your son and daughter sound like amazing people even though there are phases like these! :)

  4. This sounds exactly like my niece and nephew!! Kind of like what Miss. Val said above. They fight a lot but they are so so close and love one another to pieces.


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