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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Loverboy aka Xavi has struck again.  This time is another classmate named Talyn. 
He has such a big crush on her.
He says she is so fun to be around and that they have so many things in common, 
she plays legos and beyblades.  Ok.
He is yet again drawing hearts and planning his future oh my lover boy :/ 
 ...and that sitting in a tree song! ughhh!! My husband says this boy will marry young, I tell him he needs to get a degree first and then think of girls he says "ok mami"... we'll see.

On the other hand while browsing the aisles at target specifically the Valentines section 
(yes breach and all  I still shop at target)  
Sophia mumbled:
"Ughhh!  I hate Valentine's Day...it reminds me of how single I am and how I haven't found my true love!"

My thoughts:
*Dear Sophie aka Drama Queen, you will find your true love one day!  It's not the time yet...so I tell your brother.  You been reading way too much teen fiction.  Too much!

Meanwhile while the people in my family fix their love problems or lack of to celebrate Valentine's day, family and friendship we will bake a cake such as this one on Friday.  This will get everybody's spirits up.

nom nom!  


  1. Oh this is so cute - totally made me giggle. The girls don't know what they have coming with your loverboy! As for 'drama queen' .... she should meet mine. They'd have plenty to talk about, or should I say complain about! ha!

  2. That is just sweet! I think I'm coming to your house for Valentine's dessert. Yummy stuff AND warmth....colour me so there, lol.

  3. Xavi cracks me up! He is going to make a young lady really happy someday. Sophie has plenty of time. I was in my mid 30s when I finally met my Mr. Right! Young relationships were too much work. That cake looks amazing. Mmmm! I hope you and the family have fun on your Valentine's Day. :)

  4. Xavi sounds adorable. I love it when kids have adult issues.


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