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Monday, September 9, 2013

Self Portrait challenge and a Birthday

If you know anything about me you probably now that I am a low makeup and low maintenance kind a gal.   I wear my sneackers and flats mostly everyday.  I try to stay low on the radar.  Although once or twice a year I wear my two inch high heels and a little extra make up.   I carry my camera around but hate and avoid pictures of me whenever possible.   I am insecure most of the time.  In case you didn't know and read the above statement
...now you know. 

Remember I made a confession when we were off to summer?  Well back in July Elsie and Emma from A beautiful Mess invited their readers to join on a 30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge.  Wow!!  I thought do I do It?  Do I go for it?  I am not getting any younger or getting rid of these wrinkles.  So I went for it, but haven't shared any on this pics except for one on facebook.  I really don't like the attention.  So if you happen to see this post today consider yourself lucky!

Self portraits do not come easy for me let me tell you.  Lots of deleted pics.  I really mean lots of it!  It feels weird and awkward...very awkward.  The old trick of mirror and camera gets old soon and I certainly hope nobody I know saw me on the streets taking self portraits.  I think Xavi saw me taking a couple of the pictures but didn't ask a thing.  I know other people judge too quickly.

I took these pics mainly in my house, the mirrors, backyard, the park, my mom's house and a couple out on the streets.  There are some pictures that I liked and some others that I don't, the rest I feel like blah!  It's me anyways.  It certainly took me more than 30 days to complete the challenge.  So here we go!  Picture overload of myself


As much as I hate it, please hold your thought on this last picture.  Yes, that's me coloring my grays :/  That is a whole new post coming soon.

By the way, today I turn 21 again.
Maybe this is a Birthday gift for myself?

Happy Birthday to me :)


  1. I love all of these!! I love the hat&and sunglasses pic and also the rear view mirror pic. You're very photogenic!

  2. oh happy, happy birthday to a very beautiful person! inside and out! I, like you can't stand to be in front of the camera ... but you're warmth radiates in these pictures. Be good to yourself, and be happy in the moment. You have a wonderful life and family :)

    1. Thank you dear! You are right I must be good to myself!

  3. Happy 21st birthday Claudia! You look beautiful! This is a wonderful challenge. I love all the various perspectives of the photos.

  4. Feliz Cumpleanos mi querida amiga/hermana!!! Te deseo un ano maravilloso, te lo mereces. Y que Diosito te siga bendiciendo con munchos anos mas llenos de salud, amor y felicidad!!

    Happy Birthday my beautiful sister/friend!!

    Love you!!


    P.S. You look beautiful in ALL of these pictures!! Natural beauty is the best!!

  5. Gracias my Kary! That's what I think...natural beauty! jajaja!

  6. Happy belated Birthday!!! (Hope you will forgive me for long escape...)
    Oh, I love your portraits!!! Your nice warm loving positive personality shines through all of them! And even shooting while driving, eh? :)

    By the way, with your short lovely hair you look like my dear girlfriend from high school I miss so much...

    Lots of love to you!

    1. Thank siga for your kind and lovely words! a long escape is a good thing! I'll take your line before the last one as a compliment :)

      Hugs to you dear!


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