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Monday, September 23, 2013

A mothers gotta do what a mothers gotta do

As a stay home mom I have to deal with different many things on an everyday basis.   The other day I saw on the news that Kohls is hiring 50 000 new employees for this coming shopping season.  I mentioned it to my husband and he told me go ahead might as well get yourself a full time job, we're going to like the money!  What?? that was not the answer I was expecting.  You see he was giving me the guilt trip (my mom used to do that and I hated it) as macho as this might seem he wants a woman at the house taking care of the children and the house and I want that too.  This has worked for us for 14 years.  I tried going back to work when Sophie was a toddler but it wasn't really what I wanted. I won't deny that I have those days when I feel underestimated, when the house is a mess, the kids don't listen and won't eat my food.  But fortunately there are also the good days.  For example when I go to a school and see my kids receive an award when the house is squeaky clean even for a few hours!  I truly have a lot of respect for those women that have a full time job and also take care of the house and children. Hard work that is.   

The other day I got a card on my Birthday that says how much I make our family special and that I've touched their lives.  I also loved the stick family they drew and the fact that they went back and drew some curls on me (Xavi 's told me over and over that he likes my old hair)  you know Moncy is Sophia right??  Anyways, this card made me feel loved and made me realize even more that my family needs me at home to help them and deal with the pains of growing up.

For example, Valeria will be 18 this coming March and will be out of High School.  Things are getting serious for her now.  She will be going to a community college and eventually transfer to a state university she wants to become a school psychologist.  Even though she is living with her mom at this time my husband and I are staying on top of her in school and job related issues as she wants to find a part time job.   For us that would not be a priority but she certainly wants some independence. 

Now going onto Middle school situations, last Wednesday when I picked out Sophie from school she told me "mom I got in trouble"  what kind of trouble? I promptly asked her.  According to her there are various degrees of trouble from worst to least worst:
OMG! Sophie!!
Ay!  Sophie!
Hmm! Sophie, Sophie...

According to her this was a Hmm! Sophie, Sophie... She had been warned one time already and got caught talking in class.  She had to write 10x this paragraph where she stated what she did wrong and needed a parent signature.  So she did the crime and also did the time.

The following day she got in trouble again.  This time she seemed a bit more preoccupied!  This time it was at during lunch .  She threw and apple at a boy!  OMG! Sophie!!  This certainly deserved the worst degree. According to her the boy threw chicken at her first.  She was caught and taken to the office she would  pick up trash during lunch time the following day.  But since she didn't know the other boy's last name the Assistant Principal didn't do much or brother to find out who the other boy was.  She got a long lecture from me, you know you usual you tell a supervisor first, respect your fellow students to avoid problems, two wrongs don't make a right, the second person always gets caught first, you need to pay for actions, hope you learn the lesson blah blah blah...

The one thing that bothered me a lot was that the other boy was not punished.  So we came home and I told Sophia to immediately find that boy in the school yearbook (as he was in Sophia's school last year)  The following morning I went straight to the principal and I really mean straight as I didn't bother talking to the secretary because she was too busy with another parent.  I explained everything and handed him a post it note with the boys full name, grade and class that he shares with Sophia.  He was like "wow you did the homework didn't you?"  I also wrote my phone number in the back so he would call me once he found the boy and had applied the same punishment.  He did, he called me about 30 minutes after school started and had found the boy and both kids had to pick up trash on the school grounds during lunch.  Sophie told me how she likes having a mama bear! 

My husband had a different approach to the incident.  He told her "So I heard you threw an apple at a boy?  Good for you!  You need to protect yourself, get back at him and stand up for yourself.  Don't let any body throw food at you.  Only next time make sure you don't get caught!  That is his way of thinking, I know it's not the best of a parents reaction but in a way I am glad he teaches survival skills to his daughters and son.

Going into another topic Xavi's school is having a fundraiser profits from this sale will go directly toward programs and materials to benefit the students.  If the students sells 10 items they get to go to a D.J. Glow party just like the one at club penguin  Xavi says.  He is all excited, I am buying two items already.  So if you have a chance and need to do some shopping and would like to help please do so your help would really be appreciated.  If you can't, that is ok too.  I am just a mom advertising and trying to help my son  go to a D.J. party

CAWSTON PTA is having a fundraiser. You can shop online at

West Coast Fundraiser
The school receives profit from the sale and the student will receive prize credits. Enter the student ID below to begin.

Student: Xavi Aguilar
Student ID: caw15088

Thank you for your support.

Last but not least, Lola has a nasty eye infection yeah gunk and all not worthy of a pic...we have an appointment with the vet tomorrow Lola Lola!  $$...

So yeah my family needs me and I am here for them but I also make time for this little blog of mine to write all of these little adventures and maybe one day laugh at them.


  1. I am glad that the principal gave the other boy punishment. Good way to instill fairness!

  2. Oh my! So much going on Claudia. Maybe when the kids are older, then would be the time to get a part time job. I think it is wonderful that you can stay at home with the kids and also be there for your niece through her life transition. I was totally lost at that age! I hope Lola gets better soon too. :)

  3. You are doing an excellent job. I'm pretty sure your kids need you more than Kohls! And frankly, I do think this is debatable: "have a full time job and also take care of the house and children". Can one have a full time job *and* REALLY take care of the children? I know my own mother had to work and I know what happened to me while I was left in the care of others........ And I too had a full time corporate job once; I quit to take care of the kids *myself*. A parent should parent, right? I posted something sort of related here: http://bikbikroro.blogspot.sg/2011/11/on-working-as-mom.html Have a lovely rest of the week, super mom :)


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