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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Morning Laughs and...# loverboy?

So Xavi has made me nervous talking about girls before and he 
also has stated to us his rules to relationships
During the summer he asked me "mom what if Taylor is not in my class next year?  How am I going to find her when I want to ask her to marry me?"   Taylor ended up in another class and Xavi and her are still friends and play together at lunch time and during P.E.

He put together some notes for Taylor and I made a slide show,
 he never gave her the notes... I kept all of these, these are too precious and I will get them out in the future to embarrass him.

This video is 29 seconds when you click on it another window opens and it says not found, ignore it the slide show plays on this same page.  ugghh!  I hate that I need to fix it but I don't know how

But he has a new crush (I wonder if Taylor knows and how she feels about this), this time is Diana she is Sophia's friend from Middle School, so he's known her for a at least four years now and she is 11 :/  This is a note he wrote to Diana:

At least he's learned to write a proper letter date, greeting, body, closing and signature!  That should make me happy. 
I think I will start tagging Xavi as #loverboy 
and also work a little bit harder on his spelling.


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