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Sunday, December 12, 2010


  I will start this post quoting my third grader's teacher on her last progress report:  "Sophia is a very cooperative student, she is a team player and works cooperatively with others and willingly takes on responsibilities in the classroom."

At the beginning of the school year one of Sophia's  responsibilities was to help a fellow student.  She was paired up with a girl from Colombia with limited knowledge of the English Language.  Sophia being bilingual acts as an interpreter and translator when needed.  The teacher told Sophia that if at any given point she wanted to stop helping she could do that.  She says she likes helping Tammy.  A couple of days ago I found these two pink cards in her pencil pouch with a set of rules she had written.  I asked her if I could blog about it and she loved the idea.

 First set of rules read as follow:

1.  Tammy don't write on my things.
2.  Tammy don't bother me.
3.  Don't tickle me!
4.  Tammy don't treat me like a toy!
5.  Listen to the teacher!

Second card of rules read like this:

1.  Please in the morning don't touch my homework.
2.  Don't touch , or please do not read my sticky note!
3.  Please don't ever look IN my desk!
4.  Please don't touch my name tag or it will fall off.
5.  Don't play with my water bottle.
6.  Don't right (write) on things that you don't have to.

I just thought it was way too cute!  I am so proud of her for setting rules, taking care of herself and her belongings and for helping Tammy in the classroom.  I love you my sweet Sophia!!


  1. Que bonita es Sophia!! Such leadership at such a young age - Incredible and beautiful!!! You guys are great parents and have thought her great values and that is hwy she shines so beautifully!!!

    Wow!!! What a crazy fun filled vacation you have ahead. It sounds like so much fun I want to go to San Diego and LA with you guys!!!

    Un abrazote buen fuerte Clau : )

  2. Welcome to come Kary! Yes, this holiday vacation sounds crazy fun!

  3. this is precious and makes me giggle at the same time! :) what a darling.


  4. That's great she's so willing to help another student, and that she's clear about her own expectations.

    Maybe you have a future teacher on your hands??

  5. Maybe...Medical Librarian. At this point she says she wants to be a teacher...and a Rock Star as a side job!


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