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Monday, December 6, 2010

Children a reflection of us.

I was doing a white load of laundry a couple of weeks ago and you know socks for 5 people can make you crazy!!  By the way I'd like to thank my husband because his socks are the only ones that are still white!  As I was saying too many socks to sort out, so I called for some backup.  My little four year old came to the rescue.  We had gone to In & and Out Burgers earlier and Xavi had been given a paper hat like the ones they wear at that place and he was a "trabajador" a worker he said.  He had been flipping burgers non stop.  So Xavi was in a mood to help.

I noticed how meticulously  he sorted out his socks out of the basket and stacked them!

Very proudly and delicately he also did his daddy's socks.  

You know how they say children are a reflection of their parents and as they're growing up we strive to make sure they say 'please' and 'thank you'.  We tell them to respect others, say 'excuse me' and hold the door for others.  They model our behaviors and personalities so we better set a good example if we want them to be well adjusted adults in this crazy world!  Sunday for example right after breakfast my husband starts cleaning and organizing the kitchen cabinets...oh my...you know that kitchen drawer where you keep a bit of junk, I mean papers, bills, matches, coins, paper clips, you think of it...well, I used to have one not any more! 

So far my Xavi is following is his daddy's footsteps a super organized man!


  1. Xavi is not only TOO adorable, but is lucky to have such amazing parents who provide him with great examples! At 4 he's already a hard worker :) Such a cutie pie! These pictures made my Monday morning SO much better :) I absolutely HATE matching socks. Wish I had Xavi to help me :) We don't have an In & Out Burger where I live so I have never had the pleasure of dining there although I have heard so many delicious reviews of their burgers :) Hope you have a great week!!!

  2. Thank you Marz! I am sure he'd be willing to help you match socks! Have a great week as well!

  3. Hay que bonito Xavi : ) A sock sorter! Miguelito loves to fold clothes. It's good to let them help us it teaches them to be responsible.
    Otro rompe corazones ese Xavi - verdad? Wait until school starts the girls will be crazy with that cute little smile of his : )


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