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Monday, August 26, 2013

Progress done

Some progress done this summer!  I wish I was Handy Manny really but I am not.  So I have to rely on my husband for the tools and the handy work.  The raw material had been sitting on my backyard for a long long time.  I really don't complain on that because the more weathered the best end result. It's really a lot of work having to be after him and begging  him to work on my pallet photo shelves. Plus the fact that he is whining all the time while he works on the project "This is the last pallet project for this house. I don't want a house made out of pallets!" that is not an easy job either.  But I succeeded so I take this as my own project and accomplishment. Yay me!

So, here are the shelves up on the wall they go perfectly with my headboard.  I printed family pictures and bought picture frames at a thrift shop, they look great up on my bedroom walls. It's been so long since I printed any photos that I realize how much I was missing with my photos just on the camera card.  Go ahead and print some of your own if you haven't done so lately!  You won't regret it.  You can also see the denim pouf that I made for Xavi over the summer break.

I throw in this pic of tiny Diamond Lola.  She is such a puppy she eats, plays, pees and poops...lots of it!

One more thing... I realize that I really don't have to be handy with tools if I have an awesome husband right?  I still won't give up on my pallet dresser one day he will have to work on it.  And I know he will complain again but I know deep down he likes the natural and awesome look of pallets in the house.


  1. What a wonderful project and it turned out so beautifully! I love it! And Lola is ADORABLE.

  2. The shelves are amazing as well as that headboard! It is so unique too! Power tools are not my friend either. My brothers I have tried to teach me to use a drill and a sawsall. Both unsuccessfully. You have got yourself a good man there. Diamond Lola is so adorable. She looks so tired out!

  3. Those shelves look amazing Claudia! And I love your pallet headboard on the bed. I do like the natural look of it too. Lola is also so cute and sweet! x


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