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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Georgina is here!

Georgina is here! No, not my new baby niece

I have been working on a new project for my sister's baby girl.  I found a series of videos on YouTube on how to read patterns because truth be told I don't know how to read them.  So I found a great easy to follow amigurumi  giraffe tutorial.  Now the original Georgina (that's what they call her in the tutorial) is yellow with orange spots but I am one to think that colors are just colors and I wanted a pink giraffe.

It took me several days to complete her, as I worked on her on parts.  Lots of body parts, Frankenstein? maybe.  At the beginning she looked to me more like an octopus. Little by little she started to get a shape. She has a thicker neck than she should and I won't deny that she might have lost a stitch here and there or have an extra one here or there.  Now little Miss Georgina has trouble sitting and I believe her tail is higher than it should be. But since this is my very first try at reading patterns, first try at amigurumi and  a gift for  the new family addition 
Georgina is very special. 


Since she is very delicate I will advise for her to sit on a high place and enjoy the view. I do have to tell you that I love the snapshot of the little tail.


  1. this is such a cutie! I love it :)

    Thank you for the wishes dear, I decided that I'm going to make the best of that new year!


  2. She is fabulous Claudia! Great work! I always love the look of amigurumi. Your soon-to-arrive niece will cherish Georgina for years to come.

    I actually wear nail polish to take away from my chubby looking knuckles! LOL


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