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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First Date

Today exactly thirteen years ago I went out on a first date with whom today is my husband.
One of the first things he learned about me when he asked me out was that I don't dance.
Hey! I had to tell him straight out I-DO-NOT-DANCE I told him no clubs or alcoholic drinks for me.
I was 26 yrs old weird you might think no?? 

So I picked the place, Corvette's Dinner in San Diego a burger joint with humongous and delicious chocolate shakes and greasy fries.  The waitresses are dressed in 50's gear, throw straws at your table  and often dance. I remember glancing at the  menu  laughing at the thought of eating 'The Rory burger'  a burger with peanut butter and bacon.  Of course the guy wanted to impress me and he ordered it.  I remember he said it was quite good!  Now I don't know if it was true or not.

Sophia and Xavi like it when I tell them these kind of stories like  how me and their dad met.  Or their birth stories I guess one day I will blog about them I repeat them time after time on their birthday's.  Have I told you that Sophia likes perusing through this blog over and over? and so does Xavi he likes the pictures the most.

Back to the story, we really didn't date much as we married in 5 months.  He is a man with a strong character not easily influenced in fact he is not influenced by anybody at all and me...well :/  He lacks patience and I have much more than he does.  He likes watching zombie movies and falls asleep on chick flicks.  We are different in many ways but complement each other in so many others.

I have experimented so many different things by his side like my first non virgin margarita and my first shot of tequila which was actually on my last Birthday.  Now I sip on a glass of wine once in a while.  He has taught me so many different things and I am pretty sure he has learned from me too (like not wasting toothpaste ah! I remember as we were newly weds I gave him a lesson on not wasting). He has helped me and protected me in this dog-eat-dog-world.

We might not agree on everything but we have learned to compromise most of the time.  Over the years we have grown together.  We have experienced triumphs and cried over defeats.  Although I do not take this date as an anniversary I remember it from time to time.  The question is does he remembers it??  you know the specific date and the details I doubt it...he would say "I did not try a burger with peanut butter!" he has a bad memory Oh I know he tried it!

In his words "one of his all time favorite songs" is this: Ball and Chain from Social Distortion

When I really had a chance I listened to it while reading the lyrics I asked him do you feel that way? (I was getting worried there for a minute) no he said I just like it.  And  if you listen to it you just can't help but sign to it.


  1. Great story. That burger sounds digusting. Maybe your husband thought it was too and as a result, blocked it from his memory! I am glad those lyrics are not his thoughts. LOL There are many songs that I love the music to, but not the lyric content! Congratulations on your 13 year date anniversary.

    1. You are so right Miss Val I never thought of that maybe he blocked the burger!! lol!


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