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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

God given curls!

Yes, I  do have God given curls!  Thanks to my dad.  When he was young his nickname was "curly".  That nickname won't do him any good now.  He has a few hairs left on his bald headed head of his lol!...I still love the guy anyways.  All of my elementary  and middle school years I spent not really caring much about hair.  I really didn't mind, a clip or a hair band or some bobby pins did it.  It wasn't until High school when I discovered gels, mousse, balms, hair spray etc. I've tried them all.  After thirty something years...oh my I forgot how many now!  I have learned to live with my curls.  I do love the straight look but most of the time I don't have the time or energy to do it.  So I will just go natural (with some mousse of course).
My dear Sophia has beautiful manageable hair,  hers is wavy not tight curls.  My sister has hair like Sophia I really envy them.  Every night she takes a bath.  Every morning she wakes up with a big time afro which we can fix with a little water.  This  morning her wavy hair seem not that bad and pretty manageable I let her wear it loose something that she loves by the way.  I clipped her bangs to the side.  She was a bit upset because there was an unruly curl that we could not get to settle down.  We were running kind of late and I told her "you look fine, no one will notice your unruly curl, let me take a couple of pictures and I will blog about it"  Her face brightened and her big smile showed up.
  Here she is with her big smile, she gets the teeth gap from me and I get it from my dad!

Here is the dreaded, unruly and unwanted curl.

Finally here is my head of curls!  I know, I know now I can see that I need new hair color.  I will put in in my to do list.


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