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Monday, May 3, 2010

April winner and wishful thinking...

April is gone...can you believe it?  May is here and before we know it we have to start decorating that tree again.  Wow!!  This past month I had my two year anniversary sale!  28 items sold, 28 entries.  As usual my daughter picked the name (she loves this by the way)  So there it is kandi32583, I contacted the winner. 

(copy and paste:)

"My 7 year old was eyeballing these for her bday & I said "if I win the contest, they're yours"! She just had a Fancy Nancy bday party & is totally in love with them! I never win anything, so it had to be her wishful thinking!"

I am thrill that my Fancy Nancy envelopes will make a Birthday girl happy!  Wishful thinking, we should all try that sometime...who knows it may work for us!

Fancy Nancy: more is always better when it comes to fancy!


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