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Hello my name is Claudia  I am a mommyprenuer.  These are my  shops moncy3 and moncyscottage and recently mypolyestercloset.  I am a wife and a mom to three kids plus two fishes and two dogs.  You can learn more about me here I made an 'about me series and all is summarized here.  I spend my days trying to DIY and taking care of my family. Oh, one more thing, Yo Hablo EspaƱol you will probably figure it out reading my posts.  Spanish is my primary language so "Mi Blog es su Blog"

Disclosures/ Disclaimer:

Everything I write in my humble blog is my opinion.  All pictures are mine unless specified.   I do put a link when I post pictures or information that does not belong to me.   Please contact me first if you would like to share any of my content.  

Easy as that.


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