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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

oh hi

Oh hi! yes, I am still alive! First of all you don't know how long it took me to write this post. It sat here for the longest time.  There are some things that I'd like to share with you.  First thing is  first this is a long post...so grab your coffee if you plan to read.

Second, Emma turned two on February.  Just like that she's two!  I have to say the usual where does time go??  I cannot believe it, honestly! July of 2014 is when my life turned around completely with the baby news.  As with my other kids I soon will start sharing her birth story with her on her birthdays. Since I feel like she deserves a little space on this blog I feel obligated to write a little summary today.  You will know later in this post why today.

I had a doctor's appointment Wednesday February 18, I was on my 38 weeks of pregnancy plus two days. Twelve more days for my due date.  I asked the doctor if this baby was coming anytime soon,  "No", he said "you're only 1 centimeter dilated I will probably see you again next week".  I told him that I had been having braxton hicks contractions all day long, he said it was a good thing, that my body was getting ready for the big day. Boy was I ready!  you probably remember my gestational diabetes ordeal :( I wanted her to cook well but my dietary restrictions were making it hard.  I remember that afternoon I downloaded an app to start recording contractions.  On Thursday the 19th I woke up around 3:00 am with a slight pain on my lower back...oh boy! I was confused tho because of what the doctors had told me the day before.  I began recording my contractions while everyone slept. They were 5 minutes apart.  Yup pretty consistent!  I went ahead and called the hospital talked to the nurse and she said that maybe I was dehydrated, she said to drink water and call back if contractions were regular and getting stronger.  I guess I was pretty smart to tell her that my last baby (Xavi) was born pretty fast upon my arrival to the hospital when she heard that she said well then girl you better hurry up and come.

So I woke up Javier and told him we better get to the hospital.  His answer was "right now?"  No honey, I can wake until you sleep and couple more hours!  of course right now!! We got to the hospital a little before 4:00 am and contractions were closer and stronger.  I registered at the desk and I remember being asked questions and me forgetting phone numbers and basic information.  My mind was  going blank.  Yup definite sign!  I was put into a room hooked up to a machine so that they could check me and the baby. Suddenly we heard this popping sound on the monitor. Wow I broke it I thought! Soon after the sound I felt as if I had gone pee on my pants. It was my water that just had broken I was told that Emma was stressing and had gone poop in my belly which was not a good thing because she could inhale the meconium (first poop) and that could be dangerous. I was worried about that. When I was moved into the delivery room I did ask right away that I needed the epidural and got it pretty soon after that. Javier stayed with me all the time although he looked the other way at needles and such.  It was just me and him and the nurse.  She was so nice and helped me a lot.  I pushed effortlessly and without pain for almost two hours.  It was tiring tho.  The nurse would glance and say "wow look at all that hair!" when Emma's head was popping. Really lady??  really!!  I can still see the image of my knees and her staring at my privates. Nurse shift came and she had to leave she didn't get to see the hairy girl! soon after I got a new nurse the doctor was called in to deliver. I remember her voice telling me to look down and there she was my new baby girl smeared in that sticky and thick substance, she was put on my breasts while being cleaned her eyes wide open staring at me.  No delivery complications.  No inhalation of the meconium. She was born at 7:45 am

That was then and just like that now she is two!  ...and a month remember this post just sitting there?  she gives the tightest and biggest hugs, smacks the loudest kisses, flashes the biggest smiles and yes trows the most loud voiced tantrums :( she is testing limits a lot of the times but is so shy around strangers. She can sing the abc's, knows her colors and shapes and can count (recite) numbers up to twenty with some help. She is a big girl.  We have been trying to wean her off her pacifier for a week now and we've had some rough days and nights :( Last year when she turned one I started taking a picture everyday I did skip some days for different reasons. On some days I doubled because she looked so darn cute.  Here is the slide show put together.

On to the last news, I have been so happy here in this little corner of the internet sharing part of my life with you. It really has been special but the time has come to say goodbye to my blog.  I am focusing on different things now and I feel it is not right to just come every now and then here.  I started this blog in 2008...just as an experiment.  I thank each and everyone of you who have read my posts and listened to my rants.  I am glad I got to know you, and I am thankful for you because you took the time to get to know me and my family. So if you made it to the end of this long post and 7 minute video...I wish you the best in life and if you would like to keep in touch I'm still around now and then via twitter under name moncy3, goggle+ and pinterest under name Claudia-Ramirez Aguilar also facebook and instagram under mypolyestercloset  and my etsy shops of course.  Please do stay in touch!

yours truly,



  1. Emma is 2 already?!? Time does fly! She is getting so big and as cute as always. I will be sad to see you blog go Claudia. However I know what you mean. We have so much to do in our lives. Plus there are so many fun social media websites to be on these days. :)

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