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Monday, September 26, 2016

this is how we do it

Hello guys!  I apologize if after reading my post title the song this is how we do it ♪ ♫ is stuck in your head for at least half of the day.

But honestly, this is how we do it (again ♫ ♪) 
 We eat dinner early in the afternoon as soon as everybody gets home from work and school.  
Emma would roam the floor while I cook dinner in the middle of the day. 
She just loves to hang with me.  I don't worry too much about her being on the floor because she needs to build up her immune system anyways.  As long as she does not get the bubonic plague :/


I must confess that I now dream about soccer and referees and goals and off sides since Xavi joined indoor soccer now he has 2 games on Saturdays and 1 on Sunday. sigh.  Oh and I also dream of rehearsals and new dance moves  since Sophie joined a competition team. I must tell you too that Emma and I started going to mommy and me classes.  I have been a busy bee lately!  

Now tell me how have you been my friends?
Hopefully good! 


  1. It sounds like everyone is keeping busy! I love those Emma photos. Little one really need to be exposed to germs like we were growing up. I rarely get sick! Anti bacterial stuff seems to do more harm than good.

  2. that last one looks like Emma is up to something with her little smile - ha! you have your hands full trying to cook and chase her all at once! My house is quieting down as one has gone off to college. I'm still trying to adjust. sigh


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