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Wednesday, April 6, 2016


So I had taken this cute pictures for today's post of What She Wore.  Yeah, I had  but having a wiggly toddler in my arms while trying to download them wasn't working yesterday.  I highlighted them all and accidentally hit the delete button.  DELETE.  oh no!  the toddler kept wiggling :(

When Sophia came home from school she asked to see the pictures again I could them she had liked them very much and so did I.  Well I had to tell the truth and the mistake I made.  She was nice and just reassured me that everyone makes mistakes.

So I have two things to share today.  Last week I burnt my first batch of kale chips...some came out very toasty and some crunchy.  I hate it how they make cooking seem so easy.  

Another thing to share is my new logo for My Polyester Closet etsy shop.

Have you browsed my closet lately? 


  1. Oops happens! It is great that Sophia understands this. I have never tried making kale chips. It sounds like one has to watch them like a hawk when they are in the oven! Your new logo and banner are fabulous!

  2. oh no! I hate when I do that, and yes I bet we've all done that at least once! How nice of Sophia to understand :)


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