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Monday, March 7, 2016

lists, lists and more lists

I don't remember ever using lists but since a few years ago I write lists almost everyday.

Here is a list of my lists:

  • grocery lists (from different stores)
  • to do list on a daily basis
  • crafts that I wanna tackle in the future
  • to do list for my etsy shops so many things such as list items, take pictures, edit pictures, finish items, new ideas
  • reminders lists, for appointments, errands, phone calls to make
  • things to do or look up online only because is so easy to get lost in the web and then find out I didn't search what I needed in the first place :(
  • movies to watch list
  • do I have to mention my 45 by 45 list?
I write them wherever I can because I loose them easily...Sophia gets so frustrated with me when we get to the store and finds out I lost or forgot the list.  Yep that happens to me.  That's why to exercise my memory I white them on my chalkboards, pin them on my cork board,  a notebook in my purse, write them on the calendar, sticky notes here and there or hang them on my clothespins line on my desk

I have a whole section of clothespins on my etsy shop 
just in case you need help on this department like I do!

Sometimes it's hard to keep up with so many to do things and reminders.
How do you keep up this? I'd love to hear

1 comment:

  1. I love your clothespin line! So cute! I am all about lists. I use an old fashioned planner that is filled up with to dos everyday. For groceries I keep an ongoing list on my desk so when it is time to shop I won't miss anything. My personality is very type A so my lists are quite organized!


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