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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What She Wore

Let me start this week with a quick background story:  I hate hate hate being late so every morning I wake up the kids with enough time so that we don't have to rush.  Most days we manage without major issues even since Emma joined our family.  You know the usual routine, on Mondays Xavi's trumpet, on Tuesdays and Thursdays Xavi's soccer equipment for after school practice has to be ready.  Feed the dogs, the fishes and the turtle, why yes of course I haven't told you that Xavi has a turtle now :/ Please let's not forget the things we need before we go out the door like Emma's well stocked diaper bag, my cell, water bottles, a light jacket now that mornings are crispy, my grocery lists, etsy packages...keys of course.  Oh and breakfast! yes breakfast. That is a challenge in itself most days since Emma is awake at the time.  Some days she is ok with some you tube baby songs others Sophia has to step up and help me with her.  Here is a morning laugh: One day last week I made blueberry pancakes, the kids love them. Sophia is always very polite and thankful and is my greatest motivator she told me "Mom thank you for the pancakes that was the most delicious breakfast I've ever had!  boy that feels good amidst all the morning chaos!!...then I heard a little voice in the background said "I am just here for the blueberries!" ha ha that just cracked me up. Yes Xavi we need a little clown in the family! (not to say that he is not thankful,  he is but sometimes he just prefers to be the entertainer).

For this What She Wore session I thought of going to a housing community very close to the kids schools.  It's called Stoney Mountain Ranch.  It has a nice park that was built around some small hills right in the middle of the community is that cool or what?? I found this youtube video of a home tour where you can see the park at the end of the tour.  The last two pictures are behind the scenes Sophia wanted to climb the hills while Emma had her first morning nap in the truck.

Dress thrifted
Cardigan Target on Clearance
Tights Walmart clearance

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  1. Beautiful location and totally cute look! I can't even imagine what it is like for you getting out of the house in the morning. :-)

  2. You are so incredibly organised, yay you! And yay you again for encouraging Sophia to be herself... and not just encouraging her, celebrating her!

    Mom of the Year, totally!

  3. Sophia is beautiful with such style! really loving this series :)
    and you sound crazy organized! I could barely handle getting out of the house by mid day with only one kid! all bets were off with the second!


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