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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

not eternal

"No Sophie Summer is not eternal" were my words while driving to school as Sophie was voicing her concerns yesterday. The lazy days of summer are over for my kids only to start a new school year.  Just on Sunday they came back all pumped up from Borrego Springs a tourist village nestled between a desert and the foothills of mountains.  My brother took them as he always does during the summer to their annual road trip.  Then that same Sunday afternoon we had to run to Xavi's baseball picnic to get his trophy...not much time to unwind so just like that summer came to an abrupt end.  "No Sophie Summer is not eternal"... 
Xavi is going to 4th grade and Sophie to 8th grade.  How did this happen?  I am still trying to figure it out :/ 
I remember how nervous and uneasy I felt starting a new school year...even in college every semester ughh!  that feeling you get in your stomach not fun.  Xavi had concerns of his own "I've heard nasty rumors about that teacher!"  Oh that look in his face, yup he was worried.  Luckily he came back home happy and relieve that the teacher is not that "bad".
Sophie was able to  photobomb Xavi's picture. But God forgive the hour when I told her I needed to take a picture of her at her school,  NOT!! she's way too old for that! It's embarrassing she told me!  she just took a selfie. :/   She came home with the #problems because she had been placed in the wrong lunch period.  She said she liked all her teachers so far rating them 4 out of 10 and 5 out of 10 the ones she liked the least the rest ranked higher on her scale.  She said if OJ got away with murder she could handle 8th grade!  my kids are growing up way too fast. What does Sophie know about OJ anyways?? :/ sigh.


  1. ai yi yi .. and I thought my kids were going back early! they start in another 2 weeks, but my oldest is still at summer camp at the moment. Hope Sophie likes the rest of her teachers :)

  2. Ah, if only summer were eternal! My godbabies started back to school today as well; they were so excited!

  3. They are growing up so fast! I hope they both have great school years. That is pretty funny that Sophie knows who OJ is! I guess the story will pass down through generations.


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