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Sunday, July 12, 2015

feelings and milestones

This weekend has been full of emotions you see I put the breast pump away, mix of feelings.  You probably remember that I was determined to breastfeed this child.  Like I've said it before I was not successful twice in the past.  You see this time I wanted no bottles nor pacifiers so I went 12 days trying to breastfeed.  I developed mastitis on day 12  :( so I went to the doctors with full breasts hard as rocks cracked, sored and bleeding nipples.  One word to describe it would be ouch! I needed to pump Dr. said to relieve myself.  Yes Emma was sucking but not getting much milk out, so I was getting plugged milk ducts. I felt dissapointed but knew that it was the best for both of us.  No more breastfeeding nah uh, I wasn't looking forward to plugged ducts again.  So I pumped like crazy to build a good supply of milk.  I pumped a lot so I froze a lot of milk.   But you see pumping is actually a lot of work and it takes double the time, because I pump and then have to feed the baby.  So at about two months I tried to put Emma back on the breast and guess what? she latched on almost like a pro without hurting mommy!  let me repeat myself almost like a pro I still got some ducts plugged once in a while and only Emma and not the pump was able to relieve them.  It still didn't feel very natural but pumping and breastfeeding here and there worked for us.  But then my milk supply started to diminish and I had to supplement with formula.  So it got kind of crazy.  Emma had a buffet to pick from, straight from the breast, fresh expressed milk in a bottle, frozen breast milk, or formula how about that?  The frozen milk is all gone by now.  And just when we thought we've mastered the fine art of breastfeeding my milk supply is very very low that I've decided to stop pumping and only formula feed. I can say that this was the best and worst breastfeeding experience of all three.  Although I felt dissapointed at the beginning I can say that I did it! Ha ha that was not on my bucket list either!  But I am happy in a way that my body is back to normal. 

Also, Emma started eating solids this weekend.  Yup she is ready.  She fully supports her head, she sits with little support and shows interest in food.  She tried carrots stage one.  She grabbed the spoon and took it straight to her mouth!  She knows where foods belongs.
It was a messy session but she enjoyed it.
To top things off I also put away the baby swing, she is getting too heavy for it.  Bye bye naps there.

 sigh. my baby growing up. what's next teeth?  probably...

How have you been my friend? 


  1. Hi Claudia,
    Emma is soooooo cute! :)
    I think you can be very proud of yourself, of how you handled this all. I've heard from many friends how much trouble they had breastfeeding and I guess us women we also put a lot of pressure on ourselves. You did your best and that's all that matters :)
    I hope you are doing well!
    Sending a big hug to you,

  2. Hi Claudia,
    Such challenges. I'm glad you were able to get through the phase being the best and the worst at the same time! I bet its more fun to see Emma starting on solids and learning how to feed herself and her face. :-) She is so cute!!!
    Have a fabulous week. ~Val

  3. That wee face! Breastfeeding was a bear for me as well; we just aren't surrounded by all the other mothers nursing, like it used to be, and have to try to figure it out all by ourselves... but you did it, and Emma got the antibodies, etc... that she needed, so pat yourself on the back!

  4. Emma really looks like her daddy in this particular photo. Such a pretty baby!


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