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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jury duty... a new experience

I was summoned for Jury Duty a couple of months ago and I postponed it till the kids were out of school so that my sister could watch them while I went.  So I went yesterday, my first experience as a prospective juror.  I left  my house at 6:00 am had to drive 20 minutes to my sister's house on the east side of Hemet and drive back 20 minutes back to the west side where I live.  Then start the journey to the Courthouse in Corona CA 50 minutes away from Hemet. I hate driving to a place where I've never been before...even more on a Monday morning during rush hour it just stresses me out so much... awful traffic!

My husband googled directions and he even showed me Goggle Earth aerial views so that I had an idea as to where I was going.  But I am so bad with maps and directions.  I will admit  I made a right where I was supposed to make a left, I was worried about timing but I made it to the Court on time.  I was to report at 8:00 am and got there at 7:50 am.

So I was going through the security checkpoint, a beep and a red light no biggie just my belt.  Then the officer noticed that I had a small pocket knife on my key chain and told me to go leave it on my car...hello all the way to the parking lot??  thanks a lot!  For a minute I thought of trowing it away, but no it is a very useful item to me.  Besides a small knife it has a small pair of scissors that I use to cut open a bag of chips or whatever it needs to be cut for the kids maybe clip a coupon.  It also has an emery board for chipped nails  I just could not part with it.

Anyways after about 2 1/2 hours, a video and orientation and bathroom breaks and lots of sitting we were called to the jury room.  I say 100 prospective jurors were there.  About half of them were excused and  the rest of us were called to come back at 11:00 am They called the first 18 people I was # 4 and sat us on the jury box.  We had to introduce ourselves, our name, profession, marital status, children or no children, whether we've served as jurors before and whether or not we felt we could be fair on the case.  Unfortunately this was a child abuse case and I had to speak my mind I told the judge that having young kids myself I didn't think I could be fair on this case. I felt very uncomfortable. My mind automatically is set to think that if the guy has been accused of sexually molesting a child I would not want my kids around him.  Then after a lunch break the prosecutor and the defense came and asked a bunch of questions, used lots of words that were hard to understand.  Played with our minds with hypothetically situations just like on a TV show.  I didn't make the cut and was excused hours later. Sure enough they didn't want a biased person on the jury panel. Honestly I was relieved.

Meanwhile my kids were behaving extraordinary well at my sister's.  She said they were well behaved, they ate all of their food. Sophia was being a mom and a protector to Xavi  what?  where those really my kids you know the ones that fight, scream, jump on beds, trow toys all over the house and refuse to eat their food!  yes they were, I guess I've taught them well...at least they act on it when I am away from them.  I should be proud of them I know that.

They told me they missed me. Sophia said she shed a tear and missed my hugs and my warm feeling when I dropped them off in the morning.  I missed them too.  Back at home and things back to routine I wondered where were those well behaved kids that were at my sister's all day??


  1. Gosh, I can certainly appreciate your feelings -- at the jury room, and back at home too lol

  2. The jury room is so strange, and all those men and women..
    The children are sometimes so mystical, they can be perfectly behaved kids :)

    1. yes, even though I judged the guy without even knowing him who am I to decide if he is guilty or not or if he goes to jail or not :/

  3. Ugh, I hate Jury Duty! I don't know why I'm complaining they let us excuse ourselves if we have children under the age of 18 ;) Nada mas dice uno que no tenemos un babysitter y ya ;) I would have also been excused because I would not be fair when it comes to child abuse! It was an adventure Mi Clau! ;) Sophie is such a cutie ;) Your a wonderful mami!!! xoxo

  4. I have not had to serve on jury duty yet myself. Even though I do not have children I would make a terrible juror automatically thinking the individual is guilty! It was a good idea to let you go. :) The Swiss army knife look so handy. I can't even tell you how many time I wished I had a nail file in my purse!!!

  5. Love swiss army little knives. Those tiny scissors are the best. I've had to go to jury duty a lot, haven't been chosen yet. You are doing a great job mamma, be proud!


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