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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gardener's dilemma

I might have exaggerated on the title a bit, 
but let the truth be told:


I've told you that before!
Remember here 
on picture No. 4 one of the plants made it, the other one is a gonner :(
No. 5 made and its doing good :)
No. 6 watermelons seeds, no luck!
I even gave watermelon seeds a second try, but failed again!

I had some succulents inside that died, 
some outside that died.

Was it too much sun, too little sun?
Too much water, too little water?
Better on a pot or on the ground?

I went and asked the experts, I've been doing some reading online.
Still a bit confused, but in good hopes.

I have some new succulents inside
Also, I've recently put new succulents in pots outside
(you can see that on my header)
I planted some birds of paradise
and also some philodendrons
(I really want these to survive)
This past weekend, I bought some trellis and  planted a couple of star jasmine vines.

Basically I want to have  a pretty garden and be proud of it!
Is it too much to ask??

On the meantime I took pictures of one of my favorites while it is still alive!
I am hoping my next post on gardening is a happy one.
I will share some more pictures once I feel proud of my garden.


  1. The succulents sound good to me! They are always green, if you don't forget not over-water them! maybe once a month is enough ;)

  2. @siga
    That's what they told me: best to ignore them. Thanks siga!

  3. So sorry. Try to harvest rain water. Stick your fingers deep and check to see if it's dry. If it is then water. Always check with your fingers. This is my dad's advice. He has a green thumb. :)

  4. Your pictures are beautiful by the way!


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