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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What to buy on a Wednesday...

This Wednesday I have decided to search Etsy items for  my three year old boy soon to be four.  His name is Xavi and he is such a boy.  He is such a protector he is constantly asking me thorough the day "Mom how are you doing? Are you okay Mom?" My sweet super Hero...
 Lovely Super Hero Cape by LilBellisima I am not kidding he would wear this all day long!  Even to bed.

Of course he'd be needing a Little Hero mask by DiscoveryDenim There is no hero without a mask!

There's something about Super Hero Gloves that he cannot leave behind these by worldofwhimm That is where the special power comes from!

Super Hero sounds and special effects come integrated with him!  These cool pow signs by kabibimei

 And finally Super Hero shoes would seal the deal to run the fastest and jump the highest by boygirlboygirldesing


  1. Happy Birthday to your little hero!

  2. Oh my! Thank you, talking about heroes just yesterday I hit a car (small bumper to bumper nothing big) Afterward he tells me "mom when you hit the car I wanted to put my super hero suit! Isn't that lovely! Thanks again Kayce!


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