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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Recruiting New Followers!

So this is the deal:

I need followers!  Become a new follower and in return I will send you some of my mini envelopes samples.  They are really fun useful and cute!

3 easy steps:

1.  visit my etsy store www.moncy3.etsy.com and heart one or however many items you like.
2.  comment on this post (any hint on how to successfully blog  or positive thought will be appreciated)
3.  convo me (via etsy) or email me your address so you can get your samples.

So, It's a good deal I get followers and you get your freebies.

Thank you!


  1. so yes, I need sales and followers!

  2. you're shop is so cute!! what has helped me gain followers is to come up with some tutorials to keep it interactive. i also feature etsy sellers and some of my favorite items every week to keep people coming back :) going to convo you now :) good luck!

  3. i also tweeted your blog link with your giveaway so hopefully you will get more followers today! twitter is a great tool for promoting too if you haven't already signed up :)

  4. Your shop is adorable! I also love those Peanuts envelopes in your previous blog post.

    I think featuring other Etsy sellers is a great way to gain followers, because they always come see your blog and in most cases they'll help you promote a post they're featured in.

  5. Found you from The Curious Pug's tweet. One way to get followers is to watch the Etsy forums. Sometimes someone will start a thread about getting blog followers and people will trade links. You keep them interested by writing a variety of things, not just about you craft but life too. Those tend to be the more popular blogs.

    Good luck!

  6. P.S. Also remember that followers do not necessarily equal readers, so try not to get obsessed about that number.

  7. well you know i'm a HUGE fan of yours!!! :) i sent off my blog swap pkg today so when she gets it, i'll be sure to blog about the envelopes i bought from your etsy :)



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