Wednesday, May 4, 2016

what she wore

Hello there!  How are you guys?  Here is another photo shoot of  What She Wore..only this time she was cold and not very happy!  ha ha ha!  
Sophie is a good team player!  
Wouldn't you agree??

Dress and cardigan: thrifted
shoes: Kohls

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I like misty morning don't you?

I am very excited!  I will tell you why, I've had Emma's child bike carrier since December and finally this weekend (about time I know!) we went and bought a new bike for me so Emma and I can go on bike rides.  It just so happens that while everyone is watching movies or reading, nobody will volunteer to watch Emma for a while so that I can ride my bike.  SO what is the solution?  I take her with me!!

Looking forward to those bike rides...
What are you looking forward to friends?


  1. Sophie looks beautiful. Fun location for the photo shoot too! Enjoy your bike rides. I bet Emma will love them too!

  2. She is a good sport! I do love misty mornings ... and rain. But I grew up in Oregon - ha! Glad to here you'll be able to do your bike rides and Emma will get a view :)


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