Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What She Wore

Days have been getting warmer and warmer here in Hemet. The kids are counting the days to get out of school.  Sophia will have a very busy Summer volunteering at the Public Library she will be attending a Summer Bridge program that will ease the transition to High School.  High School?? yikes I cannot believe she is starting High School already!  It was in the ninth grade when I came to this country and started
High School knowing no English 26 years ago!  Times does fly!

So here is this week's photo shoot:

Dress and cardigan: thrifted

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Going back to the topic of Summer I guess Xavi, Emma and I 
will have to take lots of bike rides while Sophie is busy

It's Humpday!! Enjoy!


  1. Perfect dress with sneakers look :) I would love you to pop by my blog and add a link if you get a chance

  2. Beautiful photo shoot. I love that dress! Transitioning to high school is such an exciting time. That must have been an experience for you moving here as a teenager not knowing English!


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