Thursday, May 12, 2016

take me anywhere

Today I'd like to share my brother and his Girlfriend's of fifteen years...gosh that deserves the tittle of wife doesn't it??  Anyways, they just started a road trip adventure from California all the way to Panama.  They have taken a year off work and will drive, travel and experience whatever comes along.  
She will document the trip.

You see that little munchkin in the back?  we'll  yes, that's Xavi many moons back.

I am sure this trip will get interesting and cannot wait to see these two, well three again. 
You can follow their journey and documentation here


  1. Wow! It sounds like they will have an amazing experience! Taking a year off from work to travel has always been a dream of mine. Maybe they will marry someday. Jim and I are in our 6th year together and are starting to talk about marrying. :) Cute old photo of Xavi and PJ!

  2. what a fun adventure! and Xavi looks so sweet and young!


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