Monday, May 23, 2016

the good the bad and the weekend

These are last week's highlights:

We attended Xavi's award assembly where he received two awards one for Physical Education, the other one for Honor Roll, a gold medal for reading and a Top Reader Trophy.  Only 4 kids got a trophy and he was second place a girl beat him for 6 points only :/ it still wonderful I should have a happy face let's not be that competitive.

Xavi went on a Field trip to Gilman Historic Ranch and Museum where he panned for gold!  :)

Emma has become a pint size explorer a month into walking! She leaves trails of endless pots and pans, toys and trinkets...I am sure this will be a weekly thing on this feature :/

Emma is wiling to try mostly everything that is edible, dark chocolate coffee beans for example.  Future Starbucks addict I see.

We got this credit card statement and I could not figure out what Javier had charged there was no company name on the statement only codes and numbers.  Javier took one look at the statement and told me "I will give you a clue to figure it out you were drunk and you had fun!"  the boxing fight I answered laughing! lol!!

Dentist appointment for Sophie and Xavi and there was a power outage!!  really??  They had finished with Sophie but we had to re-schedule for Xavi!  what a luck!  :(

That incident at the Dental Office really, really got me upset!

Our weekend was nothing exciting, Sophia attended an orientation
for her Library volunteering services this Summer
and Javier ran over a rabbit Saturday night while driving :(
that ruined our night!

How was your weekend my friends??


  1. What a week. Congratulations to Xavi! A toddler and caffeine sound scary together. LOL That stinks about the dentist. That is an appointment one just wants to get over with! I am sorry about the rabbit. I know the feeling. I actually hit a cat at night in my 20s. It ran off into the woods so I never know if it was someone's pet. I was devastated!

  2. oh that is bad enough to get up the energy to go to the dentist - only to find out you have to go back?! argh. I love how expressive Emma is - she is just too cute!


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