Tuesday, May 31, 2016

the good the bad and the weekend

This past week was sort of a countdown the kids got off school on Thursday between awards assemblies the week went super fast by the way Sophie got honor roll and a 4.0 GPA 

We drove to my mom's in San Diego Friday and came back Saturday morning :)

My mother in law visited us from L.A. on Saturday

I'm wearing Xavi's shoes that he decided he does not like anymore he hardly wore them :/

Emma hit her nose and we almost cried with her it's so hard to see that :(  She was ok after a little while

I bought a basket for my bike as Emma kept pick pocketing while I was riding the bike now my cell is safe and I can carry a water bottle :) 

We had a nice barbecue on Saturday, Sunday and on Monday had a relaxing chill day.  

So today it's only my Monday and all kids are in the house/  Lord please help me!!


  1. Oh I love this photo of Emma! How funny that you can wear Xavi's shoes now. :) Great idea to add a basket to the bike.

  2. oh she is seriously cute! hope you made it through with everyone home


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