Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Today's is Xavi's turn to be showcased in my blog.  A few weeks ago he needed a bandana for a school play.   We went out to get one and of course he had to try all the ways you can wear one.  
I got my little camera out.   

He loves to play chess and he teaches our neighbor to play. He is having another musical concert in school and this time he will play a solo.  I am very excited and looking forward to it.   I am so proud of my boy.  

He lost a tooth yesterday and he put it in a plastic bag for the tooth fairy under the pillow.  I was thinking about how Sophie found out that I was the tooth fairy.  It was so funny she said that she had been suspecting for a while that it was me and when she lost a tooth she never told me and waited for the fairy a couple of days and it never came.  As soon as she told the tooth fairy came. Well, Xavi got his dollar bill this morning from the tooth fairy AKA me...yes!  no $20 or a trip to Disneyland this tooth fairy is frugal hahaha!!

Emma has been walking for a week now.  Finally!  Exactly 1 year and two months took her to take that leap of faith. She started walking balancing with her arms up in the air but a few days later she started dangling her arms like a little monkey side to side or like a little zombie.  So cute.  If "so cute" is even a full sentence...It's only been a week so all she needs is practice to perfect the skill.

I always think blurry pictures are the best.  Sophie always shows Emma Beyonce's musical videos. In the following set of pictures Sophie is "setting Emma up" so that we have a moment to study her spelling words. I had to hide in order to get these blurry pictures.

Isn't she adorable??  I couldn't just pick one so here is the whole set.  She will also sit in her couch to read books.  For a moment a brief moment...Oh my heart be still please! 


  1. You have a wonderful, adorable bunch! and absolutely loved the variation in the photo shoot Xavi - ha!

  2. They grow so fast! I love all the ways to wear a bandana. How exciting for Xavi to have an upcoming solo. I imagine he's a little nervous too. :) So stylish! Emma is so adorable.

  3. Omg he is so cute :) And bandana fits him perfectly - no matter how he wears it! And the little one - she is that big already?? :O


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