Monday, May 16, 2016

the good the bad and the weekend

There are so many things that go on during the week that it is at times hard to keep track on my blog.  I will use things little corner of the web to document in a small summary all the little things the good the bad and I guess the weird ones too.  The kids love perusing my blog and remember all these little details.  Hopefully one day Emma will too. Wish me luck keeping up with this:

Emma dropped Xavi's tablet, the screen cracked :(

Luckily we had bought insurance and it was repaired in two days :)

Xavi has been talking about a man cave for him and his dad :/

Sophie's had been practicing his dance non stop :)

Open house was held at Xavi's school on Thursday, kids are always proud to show their work :(

A parent at Xavi's school cut me off while drivingin order to get a parking spot...gosh lady do you really want an accident??  I was about to honk on a real road rage episode when I heard "No mom that's so and so's mom!!" the girl that sits next to Xavi in school :/

Xavi's end of the year BBQ  was on Friday, 4th graders are not too thrilled to have lunch with their parents at school :/

I keep signing the songs the kids hear and sing I am signing non-stop Ain't your mama by Jennifer Lopez Does this woman even age?? :/

My neighbor asked to borrow my way he's was getting my new bike :/

On the Weekend we had a wonderful time enjoying Sophia's dance concert.  It was her first and it was just wonderful seeing tots all the way to adults dance to hip hop music.  Kudos from a non-dancer.  After the concert we went to have dinner.

Really did all these things happened??

How was your weekend friends?


  1. I love this Claudia! What a fun way to document the little daily things in life. No that Jennifer Lopez does not age! She is a phenomenon.

  2. That last shot is priceless .... it looks like Emma is rattling off all these things and asking "really?" ... ha! so cute


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