Wednesday, May 25, 2016

on being social

I can spend a lot of time online don't you? I do think I spend a great deal of time online. I am guilty of that. I can get lost in waves and waves of information and never ending searches. I love love pinterest I tell you, I love all the inspiration and ideas there I don't think I can ever give that up, honestly there I can be all day.  But that's not a good thing I know I know. Let's not talk about social media ah!? lately I am trying to get away from my personal facebook page, that consumes too much of my time which is precious nowadays with Emma on the loose. I have to get better at budgeting my time online that's for sure.

On being social for advertising purposes for my etsy shops I have never been good.  I guess I have been lazy on that department. Recently I've discovered hashtags! I know I am late on the bandwagon of #s,
I've been living on a cave blah blah blah  but my oh my, it's nice to see that I am getting more views on my items now that I started using them.

One site that I particularly like is instagram.  I have a feeling that it is my time to shine in the world of vintage clothing.  I am certainly not an expert.  I pick items that I like and would wear myself that makes it more fun. I am also playing dress up with the items that fit me haha.  That is helping my self confidence I tell you I have to take a dozen pictures before I upload one.
I am also using a filter just to have a coherent vintage feeling and that helps a bit for me.

Today I have something to say to you all:


 it's fascinating to me right now that's for sure.

what social media do you like to advertise your shops?
do you use hashtags? tell me tell me!
How do you budget your time online?

I am just being curious here :)


  1. ha! I love vintage .. always have. When I went to college I managed to score a trunk full from my mother and wore 1950s vintage all through college! I love that cute top in the lower right - a personal fave that would go with that 1950s vintage look I love

  2. Your photos are so fun! I just started following you an IG. I love that site too along with Pinterest! So addictive! I always wonder if hastags work. I for one have never looked up something via a hashtag but I suppose it helps with search engines. I spend approximately 1 hour each morning on the social networking sites and don't look again until the next day. Blogs I browse each day while enjoying a snack. That is quite a stress reliever.


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