Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Note to self...on grocery lists

I gotta have a better system for shopping grocery lists

Picture this:

Last Sunday I left the kids and husband at home for a quick run to Walmart.
Super Walmart. Crowded Super WalMart. (I wanted it to be a quick in and out!
you know kids at Walmart...I want this...Can I have this...Can you buy me this...) when I say kids I don't mean Sophia I really mean Xavi.

So I went by myself
I had a grocery list and a separate note in which I jotted down the ingredients for a tortilla chicken soup I saw on this blog 

I had half of the list on my shopping cart and had traveled half the store.
I reached into my pocket to start looking for the ingredients for the recipe
in the produce section.

I could not find the note. I had lost it!

Frustration time
Ok, I stopped, paused and tried to remember the ingredients.
I remembered a few, it was not that difficult.
Then my phone rang, it was my husband "Don't forget my 12 pack" he said
No I didn't forget, the 12 pack was already in the cart, he mentioned it like 12 or so times at home!

I really wanted to make that soup for that perfect chilly and rainy Sunday.
I didn't want to ask him to look thru my blogs and find a recipe for a chicken tortilla soup!
He is not that kind of man. He has very little patience.  It was not going to work.

So I remember that I had dropped my grocery list when I was looking for
a fabric patch to mend Xavi's pants.  My Recipe had to be there!
I traced my journey in the store backwards... aisle by aisle just in case I dropped it somewhere else.
I got to the fabric section and my 
recipe note was there on the floor
waiting patiently for me to come back!

The only ingredient I had left out was a yellow squash  oh and I
had forgotten the milk also!

When I finally got out of the store and got home with all the ingredients ready I sure enough had a hungry crowd waiting to me to feed them!

This does not happen every single time, but often times it does :/
So what do I do next time?
Tattoo the shopping list on my hand?
Write it on a chalkboard (by the way I love chalkboards!)
What is your strategy when it comes to grocery lists? 
and I mean written list I don't have a smartphone
or anything like that.

By the way that soup was good!


  1. Tattoo shopping list would work! But should be looking like "drafts", if not would be difficult to have everything ;) And I might try that soup myself!

  2. @siga
    You should try the soup siga it's really good!

    If I tattoo the list that means we eat everyday the same thing!!!

  3. Glad, the soup was good. I'm going to make it! I guess you could put the list in your wallet. Write it and stick it in your wallet.

    I'm going to miss blogging. I will try finding time - in between school, being a mom and wife, etc... Oh well, I gotta do what I gotta do...

  4. hahaha! I have list floating around everywhere in my purse! I have to call my mom so she can remind of what I need. I always make sure to tell someone what my plans of buying are,and than I end up calling them to remind me! I'm a lost case :)


  5. Would telling your husband to remind you about the items 12 or more times work like it did for his 12 pack ..haha ..you wish it would right ;) ?
    I try and write down something I need as and when it finishes and hang the list where I can see it every now and then coz even if I end up forgetting the list which I usually do I remember what to buy ( most of the times )
    and this post really did bring a huge smile on my face :))

  6. I usually write my shopping lists on scrap papers and I haven't had a problem. But now I carry the list in my head :) But then I haven't got kids so it might be different then.

  7. Jajaja, nada nuevo para mi, me pasa mucho. Aunque últimamente ya no voy yo hacer la compra si no mi esposo, y trae cada tontería, que mejor no te cuento.
    Ufff últimamente no hago ninguna nueva receta, estoy estancada, hago los mismos platos varío de 3 ó 4 y nada más.

  8. LOL! If you can text on your phone, you could always save the list in a draft message. I am old fashioned with a hand written list myself! ~Val

  9. @Miss Val's CreationsHey Miss Val! that is a great idea except I don't text much! it takes me forever to read or send a text or to find the alpha mode on the darn thing. I don't text really but wonderful idea.

    I am amazed at how minds come to work together!

  10. @giozimi marido no va al super si no es por sus cervezas jajaja! yo trato nuevas recetas porque tengo problemas para que los niños coman las verduras pero en realidad no me funciona mucho! Saludos!

  11. so I go a little overboard. I usually write my list according to what I need and then REWRITE it in order of where things are in the store. Then I put the little piece of paper on top of the area of the cart for the kids to sit in (without the kids in it!) and I just shop according to my list, so I'm not running back and forth... otherwise it feels like a trip to the grocery store could take hours.


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