Saturday, November 19, 2011

Life continued

I would like to thank you all my lovely friends  for your thoughts and comments on my last post!

My sister is out of the hospital now.  She is a bit upset because her pregnancy is now considered "high risk"  She will be on a blood thinning type of medication up until one week before the c-section delivery.  This will be injected in her tummy once a day, yes her tummy!! yikes!!!  And of course she will have to take extra precautions on her daily routines at home.  She is due some time in April.

Without a doubt this was a hard week for all of us (I mean mostly the adults because the kids thought they were having a party!)

Below are some of the things I realized, rediscovered and went through this past week.
  • Re-discovered the  sound a cheerio makes when you step on it.
  • Hunted the smell of a dirty diaper...well that really wasn't very hard.
  • I had to give medication every 4 hrs and wipe little noses.
  • Had to understand that a toddler does not fully follow directions as he took my folded laundry out of the basket not once but twice!
  • I had to multiply my loads of laundry.
  • Realized that my house is not baby proof anymore as one of my precious succulents was yanked out  right out of the pot :(
  • Had a toddler open the refrigerator and brought out a leftover piece of cake and told me with a smiley face and a singing voice "Happy Birthday to you?"  meaning: can I have some cake?
  • Had to run across town from two different elementary schools 20 minutes apart! Drop off and pick up.
  • Got scolded by my 7 yr. old niece "you're super late"...hello 20 minutes apart I thought!!!
  • Heard a nice compliment : "tia (auntie) those are the best waffles I've ever had"
  • Had a table full of elementary kids (3 kids... for me that's a full table!)  all needing help with their homework (4th grade math, newspaper report and writing a story)
  • Realized that I had helped Sophia with the same long division homework page the week before (as both her and my nephew Isaac are in the 4th grade...sigh!) LONG DIVISION!! DOUBLE SIGH!
  • I yelled more than usual.
  • I strictly banned and prohibited all sorts of toys that made noise(mainly for my own sanity).
  • Looked at my older nephew in the eyes and told him "Isaac, how many times do I have to tell you to listen to me??"  only to hear his answer "how many times do I have to tell you:  I love you!!" and then he  hugged me...that only melted my heart.
  • My mouth was faster than my brain at I told them "go watch Viejito"  the baby's name is Dieguito and I switched the "V" and the "D" only to call the baby "old man"  that's was funny and we all cracked up!! nice stress reliever :)
  • Heard warm good byes "I will miss you tia"
  • Realized how much I love my family and how hard it is when they are hurting.
  • Tried to do everything I could possible do in order to help them!
After all my sister was my first baby and that's a fact!

    Thank you  again my lovies!



      1. Glad to hear that everyone did survive! (well, maybe except of that succulent pot)

      2. @siga
        siga, survival was the ultimate goal! gracias hon!

      3. You are such a sweetie Claudia. That was a lot of work! Put it paid off. I hope April comes soon for your sis!

      4. I hope the rest of your sister's pregnancy goes smoothly. I have no idea how you managed such a household. I would go insane! Good move banning the noise making toys!!! ~Val

      5. So happy that your sister is out of the hospital! She will be in my prayers and I am sure everything will be ok! You are a great sister mi Clau!

        Love you my sister!!


      6. Oh Claudia I'm sorry I missed all this excitement, it is hard to manage kids especially when more are added but it sounds like you did a wonderful job & that good times were had too! Perdona que no he pasado por estos lados ok? besitos xx

      7. awww i'm so sorry to have heard it was scary there for awhile -- i'm such a bad friend, i had no idea! but i'm glad to hear that your sister is out of the hospital.

        it is times like these that we remember to be thankful for the little things... which turn out to be the big things in the long run... like hearing "i will miss you tia." warms my heart!

      8. @MicaelaDon't say you're a bad friend you silly girl!!! Life is busy and I totally understand xoxo


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