Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Mail

So here is some more mail that was sent to me and some more that I sent!


This postcard was sent to the Netherlands.  The receiver will be moving to the New York by the end of this year!  I wish her the best of luck!

I sent this vintage card to Indiana, the Star of India it's a floating Museum in San Diego Bay!

This postcard was sent straight to The Netherlands!

 I sent this postcard to Kathya in Australia
as part of a special postcard swap

 Postcard NO 2 to  Kathya in Australia

Postcard NO 3 to Kathya in Australia

Postcard NO 4 to Kathya in Australia


 The sender of this card is from Germany, and she initially sent a card that traveled 166
days that's when she realized that it probably got 'lost' in the mail.
She was kind enough to send another one!

I received this card from Russia!  And to my surprise written in perfect Spanish...and the sender was not Mexican, she was Russian! 

I received some Happy Mail from my friend siga in the Canary Islands! 

 Along she sent this!  she handmade this lovely purse.
Handmade always makes happy mail extra special!
Thanks again siga! xx

 I ask myself how often do etsy sellers get a thank you
note from their buyers??
Well I got one...a thank you note from a buyer :)
 That only makes me feel special.

 Postcard received from Russia.  

Has you mail box been 'happy lately?'


  1. Cool postcards! I love the Russian one. My parents visited there years ago and their photos were so amazing of the architecture! Isn't is the best feeling when your customer send you a note once they receive their purchase? Love that!

  2. Hey, my friend, so many letters! I still didn't manage to participate in any mail swap project, but I managed to get into your blog :) Thanks for nice photos of my humble handwork (hope you found any use for that?!.)

    A thank you note from a buyer? How cool is that! Love the choice of outgoing cards!

  3. @siga
    Yes! a thank you note from a buyer! very cool!

  4. Everything you received is very special, indeed!

  5. The Retiring on a Budget postcard made me smile. Thanks for sharing your mail!


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