Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Life paused

My life is kind of on pause right now.  My sister was admitted to the hospital Monday night.  
She is 19 weeks  pregnant and has a blood cloth in her arm.  
She is being treated with medication, both her and the baby are fine.  
Of course her husband has to work and in the meantime I am watching her kids two which are 7 and 9 yrs old and this little one with a cold and a runny nose that doesn't keep him from running all over the place!

I will be watching this little guy about 10 hrs a day and his brother and sister
24 hrs a day.  She will be out of the hospital
in a couple of days...or so they said you never really know.

Did I ever say I wanted more kids??  yikes!!

Hope I can talk to you guys soon.


  1. So good sister you are! It's not easy to have "extra" kids in the house, but, hey, that's what the family is about! Hope soon everything will cool down, and life will flow smoothly as before for your sister, her baby, and you (and your blog, of course!) Hugs

  2. Mi Clau! I'm so sorry you and your family had to go through this scary moment. I am praying that your sister comes out soon and that everything is better from now until the baby is born!
    You are a great sister! Paciensa con los chiquitos :) Cuidate y muchos besitos y abrazos!


  3. i hope your sister gets better fast. i know how scary it can be to be pregnant, that far along and stuck in a hospital. on the other hand, you get 3 extra kids in the house!!! it should make for a very noisy & boisterous atmosphere, should it not? hope that little tyke gets better. it's cold & cough season so i know it isn't fun.

  4. Oh, Claudia, keeping all of you in my thoughts! I'm sure it's a big stress relief to your sister to have you able to watch the kids for her. Hugs to you.

  5. I hope your sister get's better soon. There's nothing like family helping eachother out. You Rock!!

    I think we have similar tile in our house. :)


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